7 Traits of a good Networker: Trait 3

Great Networkers follow up.

So by now you have started to get your little black book together and you have worked out your plan. This means that you are switch on and creating opportunities to meet people who may be able to help you or reconnecting with people you already know. This leads us to trait number three.

Good Networkers always follow up.

Trait 3. They follow up.

We live in a hectic world so conferences, seminars and workshops are bigger and busier than ever.

Even thought some are free the majority have a cost, even if its just your time away from work or your family, so when you are meeting dozens of people a day it is important that after you have made a good connection to follow up.

Picture this situation: you have made a wonderful conversation with a great contact who can help you and they have offered their card, when you get back to your office or home make some quick notes regarding key points of the conversation and I generally follow up within a day of meeting them with a quick Thank You or nice to meet you.

DO: Wish them a safe trip if they have to travel post event. Good luck with that deal. Let them know if they are ever in your area or need any help to get in touch.

Tell your contact how much he or she helped you, and refer to particularly helpful, specific advice.
This will reinforce that you listened to them and valued their time.

DON’T: Message them with a deal or asking a favour. Building a relationship takes a little time and fostering a good network needs to be done with integrity and respect.

In addition to immediate follow-up after a meeting or conversation, keep in touch with your contacts. In your database or little black book make notes re when you last touched base with the person, this will ensure you don’t stalk the connection. It’s important to stay on their radar without being imposing or invasive and, of course, if you get that new job or opportunity, be sure to tell them and thank them again for their help.

In Summary,

Great networkers follow up with a thank you and acknowledge key parts of the conversation they had with the contact. They monitor their contacts so not to stalk a connection and they offer support or assistance or information which may benefit the other person if they can.

Remember that networking has a karmic energy: be generous in your assistance and support of others, be genuine in the connections you make and honest in your intentions. You attract what you give out.
Tomorrow we look at trait number 4: Great networkers make it easy.

Wishing everyone a joyous day.


About the Author: Lisa Blades is Executive Coach for a boutique agency Phoenix Executive Coaching. She loves helping people manifest their dreams and take control back of their career. To view other blogs by Lisa please visit, 

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