7 Traits of a good Networker: Trait 6

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7 Traits of a good Networker: Trait 6

No discussion around networking would be complete without looking at social media and great networkers keep themselves up to date with current trends.

Social Media is here to stay and is constantly evolving, so I have divided this topic into two, today I look at the personal space a trait of a good networker is they manage their brand.

Trait 6. Good networkers manage their personal brand on social media.

With the internet and smartphones making communication so easy, there are many ways to use social media in order to network and maintain connections. You can ping, post photos, share locations and twitter every minute of your day if you want to.

Before you start using social media as a networking tool you need to ensure that you have a clear picture of who you are or your “ brand “ and make sure that you are comfortable that your sites reflect the image you want to project.

You will be Googled.

DO: Have a clear picture of what your brand is. It’s who you are and the happiest people live and work in line which their values and beliefs which make up their brand.

DON’T: Pretend to be something you are not. Integrity is key to creating solid relationships.

If you’re not already on LinkedIn, you definitely need to be. Basically, it’s the professional version of facebook as it’s a site that allows you to connect to people you know. It also allows you to see profiles of anyone else on LinkedIn, and gives you ways to connect to them.

DO: To run a healthy LinkedIn profile you need: recommendations, a professional headline and regularly update your status this keeps interest and people informed of what you have been up to.
One of the best ways to use LinkedIn is if you have a very specific company you are interested in. You search on that company, and hopefully find people who are connected to other people you know. Then, you can ask your personal contact to connect you.

Facebook can be risky, you really need to review your profile and ask what is your brand before you utilise this tool for networking. You should also check your privacy setting as that photo of getting drunk and falling over with the lamp shade on your head might have been funny at the time but employers and agencies check facebook.

DO: Its ok to post status updates relating to your job search or project, to keep it top of mind that your still looking for a job, example ”I had a great interview this morning… keep your fingers crossed!”. Tell the world about your excitement re your new project or a heads up this is coming.

DON’T: If you are updating that you hate the world and rant about your old work, people may steer clear of you as a possible new employee. If you vent re set backs or are negative this could bring into question your commitment or what your would be like to work with.

In Summary,

Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media forums are here to stay. To successfully network in this space be comfortable with your personal brand and understand that once on the internet information is in a public forum.

Don’t be the next headline of employee looses job due to facebook update or picture. Do show your values and share information which may inspire others and generate conversation.

Remember that networking has a karmic energy: be generous in your assistance and support of others, be genuine in the connections you make and honest in your intentions. You attract what you give out.

Next we look at Trait 7, how good networkers use social media to connect to corporations.

Wishing everyone success.



About the Author.

Lisa Blades is Executive Coach for a boutique agency Phoenix Executive Coaching. She loves helping people manifest their dreams and take control back of their career. To view other blogs by Lisa please visit, Executive ZAP



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