7 Ways to Know Your Intuition

Intuition vs. Out-tuition... Chart and Cheatsheet
I am often asked, what “intuition”… is the other day, someone else asked, me “do I even have intuition??? Everything on the planet is energy, all vibrating at different frequencies, science tells us this… and we know this right?
So, our intuition is our ability to tune into and perceive the energy of someone or someplace… it’s like the our direct perception of what is true for us, completely independent of our reasoning and understanding… and the cool part is, there is no rational or logical mind… so no head tripping, that’s what makes it so powerful. For some reason, ok, that was me a few years ago… its believed that intuition is going to yell, “STOP DON’T GO THERE” or something… intuition is not your parents, friends, or anything else outside of yourself. Intuition is totally an inside job… so check this out…
Our intuition is the mental faculty with which we are able to perceive and tune into the energy of someone or someplace. Intuition is the direct perception of truth or fact independent of any reasoning or involvement of the rational or logical mind. The word itself is derived from the Latin root, “ intueri”, which roughly translates “to look inside”.
Many people have more complex ways of understanding and discussing intuition… but it really is quite simple. As the learned Richard Bach says, “The simplest things are often the truest.”
I use this little trick called intuition vs. out-tuition
Intuition Pointers
–In-tuition is genuine, coming from a place of security and safety.
–Its guidance and NOT direction. It doesn’t see you as a failure or your past mis-takes. –It isn’t positive or negative, it’s just expansive and not contracting…
–It is not about gaining control or the upper hand, but an expression of your true self… your “Being-ness”
–It’s not wishy/washing or circumstantial; –It is NOT heavy or doubting
–It does not tell me to go after happiness that is outside of me, but rather joy from within me.
–My intuition is grounded in my stomach or solar plexus… Often it originates in my stomach and move to my tailbone.
–When my In-tuition “speaks” to me, it is usually my voice I hear. It is not the voice of God, or someone from my past, or even from my present. It is my own voice.

OUT-tuition Pointers
— OUT-tuition usually comes in the form of a directive and filled with judgment. It refers me back to my past “mis-takes”.
— Out-tuition is physically felt in my head or shoulders, some place higher than in my “gut”. There is no gut involved
–OUT-tuition focuses on the “how”… and not the what.
–OUT-tuition assumes that the world is an unsafe place and goes into that flight or fight mode
–OUT-tuition crazes external validation and external results. Its focus is not on “Being” but instead “doing” and “busyness”
–OUT-tuition focuses me more to competitiveness and labels.
–OUT-tuition is logical and makes the case for things…
–Out-tuition focuses on the “rightness and wrongness” of the situation. In other words, it is full of stories, judgments and conclusions all of which cut off the infinite supply of possibilities.
–Out-tuition is usually someone else’s voice who has a lot of judgments about you and who they think you are… sisters, parents, etc.
— If at any point, you go to “…because”, this is out-tuition.
Author Charles Haanel of the Master Key System says… can be cultivated and developed; so YAY! I know, I had to use less of my out-tuition to start getting results in my life…. He says see your intuition as a welcome visitor and appreciate him, so he’ll come again.
So, I want to challenge you to use your intuition… for the next 24 hours, notice the difference between your intuition and your out-tuition… notice how you react to gentle twinges and nudges. Do you stuff it down and say things like, “that doesn’t make sense” or do you go, “hmmm…” and bring it to greater awareness as you go through your day???
Right on! If you have found value is this video, please share it with others… and of course, I would love to connect with you so please leave your questions, comments, or “hey Tiph’s” below.
Sending RADICAL YAYs Your Way

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