8 Awesome Blog Tweaks to Increase your Ad Clicks


If you’re a blogger then you may use AdSense as a source or even your main source of revenue . If so, ensuring you’re getting the highest cost per click possible is always going to be pivotal. AdSense is the truest case of quality over quantity as anyone with high traffic but little revenue will testify.

Increasing AdSense revenue through increasing your CPC is important and fortunately there are a number simple tweaks to help you do so and we’ve compiled them below.

AdSense Earnings

AdSense earnings are related to the amount and quality of traffic that your site receives and the amount of money you earn from each click is determined by the niche, CTR and the amount of money paid by adverts in your niche. Earnings vary for a number of reasons and before setting up a website it’s worth having an idea of what your niche pays in terms of earnings.


Google allows a person to add up to three units on one page for advertising; however more units do not make for more money.

Google has and is taking the user experience of a website increasingly seriously and it has been known for rankings to be penalised for having too many adverts at the top of the bag or above the fold. This is known as ‘Top heavy’.

Ads should never interfere with the user experience and site’s with numerous flashy adverts filled across each and every page put people off, cause UX issues and don’t tend to rank as well.


Keyword density is important and before you place any advert on a page, be sure to check this via a density analysis tool. It’s also worthwhile trying to improve your on-site keywords and expand on them in a niche relevant way. Ubersuggest and Keyword Canine are two great tools in this regard and well worth a closer look.

Location and Size

Ads location has a big say on how an advert performs and continuous testing is very important in this regard. In addition, responsive design is very important as it automatically adjusts the ad to fit the screen size. Aside from making the site look better, it also tends to speed up load times of web pages, which is now a ranking factor for SEO.

Advert size is also important and larger is not always better. However, wider ads tend to perform better than longer ads. In addition, context is also very important and adverts that tend to work alongside content often do a lot better than those that don’t.

However, the long and short of it is that the only true way to know what works is to continuously test. And even though something may look like it will work on paper, it may not. Finding the best location for ads, size combinations and sort of adverts to place depends greatly on testing to see what works.

Theme Focused

Websites should be theme focused and this should be the case on and off-site. Google AdSense is keyword targeted and so your website content should reflect this as it will help you stay focused on one theme alone.


The call to action in adverts needs to be clear to encourage people to click. However, always remember that it shouldn’t confuse users and take away from the on-site actions you want them to perform.

Don’t Put all your Eggs in One Basket

AdSense can be a great way to make money, however with increasing opportunities for penalisation in SEO and also PPC and AdSense, putting all your eggs in any single form of revenue is risky. AdSense can be unpredictable and Google can be pernickety, so always diversify. Google needs to protect its advertisers first, so always thread the line towards the ethical.

Consider Alternative Ad Networks

AdSense is the world’s most utilised ad network, however there are a lot more and many pay a lot better than Google’s AdSense does. It’s up to you as a publisher to look around and ensure that your getting the best deal from your affiliate network. Ad networks such as Bloggingclicks, ClickBank and others are often more lucrative and better depending on the sort of site your have – so be open minded.

AdSense can be a great way to earn money from your blog or site and plenty of people do very well through using it. So, test, be open minded and make the most of it.

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