8 Cute And Easy Hairdos Your Daughter Will Love

Easy hairdos are great when the last thing you want to struggle with in the morning is fixing your daughter’s hair. How many of you dread that moment of combing through snarls, hearing the dreaded “ouch” with every swipe of the comb?

Moreover, who does not look forward to the general resentment your daughter has for you as you make her presentable to the outside world?

As a parent of boys, I am not adequately prepared to fix girl’s hair. I struggle with the tiny rubber bands, and none of my partings or braids ever seems to be perfectly straight. I just ask for their forgiveness and tell them that I have boys. For another great way to simplify your morning, click here.

Easy Hairdos For Your Daughter

There are some girls that live to be princesses and wear bows and ribbons that seem bigger than their head. Then there are those girls that start out all prim and proper, and by midday are a disheveled mess.

The Classic Pig Tails. When it comes to cute and easy hairdos, this classic makes it easy to create lots of fun looks by changing the texture, location, adding braids, bows, ribbons, and clips. You can braid the hair up on two sides and leave down or braid each side and pin up.

easy hairdos for girls      





The French Braid. For cute and easy hairdos that are perfect for staying cool and keeping hair up and off your face, this characteristic braid is for you. This is an excellent choice for active girls, and those that participate in sports. There are no bobby pins, clips or headbands needed, but of course you can add them if you wish. To learn how to French Braid, click here  Easy hairdos for your daughter


The Classic Updo. This is one of those cute and easy hairdos that look great, even if it only took you two minutes to pull together. Just sweep the hair up off the face and secure with a band. Add a quick bow and tada! easy hairdos for your daughter (11)


The Classic Bob. The Bob is one of the most versatile of the cute and easy hairdos. Sweep the bangs to the side and add a headband, clips, a bow or a ribbon for an entirely sweet and manageable style. easy hairdos for your daughter (5)


Long Bob Pulled Back. If you constantly have to sweep the hair off of your daughter’s face, then this is one of the top choices in easy hairdos. Section the hair with a side part, and gather the hair on top of the head. Secure with a small band, and add a ribbon. The long bob is an excellent choice for styling options. It can be worn in pigtails, a low ponytail, or wear it down.

easy hairdos for your daughter (6)


Two Ponytails. This is one of the easiest hairdos for your daughter with naturally curly hair. Part the hair down the middle, and comb straight. Gather the hair on each side and secure with a small band. Fluff the ponytails out and add some ribbon to accentuate your daughter’s personality. easy hairdos for your daughter (9)


Twisted Buns on Top of the Head. If you are looking to add a bit of sophistication to your daughter’s pigtails, then buns are the way to go. They are a marvelous way to keep hair up and out of your child’s eyes and face. This sweet style would be perfect for a birthday party or any special occasion. Add bows or ribbons to add that special touch. easy hairdos for your daughter (12)


Classic Layered Cut With Bangs. If your daughter is more of a tomboy and doesn’t go for anything in her hair, then this classic style is an excellent choice in cute and easy hairdos. This style is so versatile that if your daughter ever decides that she wants to change it up, you have the perfect cut! easy hairdos for your daughter (8)


Daughters come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has a preference on what they want their hair to look like and what they are willing to tolerate to get the result. There are easy hairdos that will fit your daughter whether she has short, long, straight, or naturally curly hair.


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