8 Reasons Why I Think Your Thirties Rock

8 reasons why I think the Thirties rock

Your Thirties Rock

    1. I was suddenly sexy – I finally got comfortable with my body and accepted it as me.

    2. I got selfish – I learned to put myself first.

    3. I stood up for myself – I learnt to say no and that disagreeing with someone is not conflict. It is healthy to have an opinion.

    4. I got comfortable with excellent – Perfect is just unachievable and an unhealthy obsession.

    5. That I was a pressure cooker on “flat out” – The only person putting pressure on me was me. And I was loading that baby up full to the brim.

    6. The house doesn’t explode – When the housework doesn’t get done the house doesn’t actually explode, and neither do I. No longer do I strive for a “picture perfect” house, I’m happy with the “lived in” look.

    7. Risks are worth taking – Pushing your-self beyond your comfort zone can be rewarding, exciting, and character building

    8. That being me is awesome – People actually respect you a lot more if you don’t try to be someone else or something else, but in fact just be you. I’m happy now, just being me.

Please share with me your “awesome-ness” and what you have discovered about yourself as the years have “built your character”. 

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