8 Tips to Create Solid Content Marketing

Content marketing is all the rage right now in the online marketing world, but with the deluge of blogs, articles, ebooks and so on, we’ve all created a new form of clutter for ourselves. Where most marketers miss the mark is quality will always trump quantity in content marketing. Before you start blogging, there are some basic fundamentals you need to create measurable, successful results. Follow these tips to create solid content.

1. Diversify

All written content can get boring. All graphic content can get overwhelming. Communicate with your audience in a variety of ways – written content, video, and graphics – to capture and keep their attention. Experiment with and diversify your content strategies to see what works best for you. You may find some channels have better conversion rates and customer engagement. Some content is better explained in a video, some is more appropriate for a graphic or a blog. Figure out which form best gets your ideas across and run with it.

2. Keep Your Audience in Mind

Successful content provides information that potential and current customers are looking for, not necessarily what you feel like writing about. Focus on problems and topics that are of interest to your audience. Asking current customers about the issue that they face and gauging the popularity of certain blog and social media posts can signal whether you’re on the right track. When crafting written content, think helpful knowledge source rather than used-car salesman.

3. Cultivate Online Communities

If you’re going to write with your audience in mind, it also makes sense to go where they’re most likely to find you. Social media is important because it brings a ton of people (your potential and current customers) under one big umbrella. Take advantage of its power by fostering online communities that have rating systems where people can chime in on your products. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews either. Responding with concern and reiterating your company’s commitment to excellence is a great way to show customers that you are a trustworthy company that will effectively respond to their needs.

4. Create Demand: Provide Good Content, but Don’t Give Everything Away

It’s like a great soap opera. Think season finale vs. series finale. Give them enough of the story to keep them coming back for the next installment without giving away the complete plot and resolution.

5. Use Internal Links

Increased audience engagement is likely a primary goal of your content strategy. Including links to additional articles or related content can greatly increase your audience engagement. Many people who visit your sites are gathering information or looking for some basic knowledge, not looking to buy yet. Keep them engaged by offering links to other articles, videos, or product pages they may find relevant and useful. Internal links also give SEO a boost. The depth and breadth of expertise they signal clues in search engines that your siteshould be bumped up on search results pages. Sidebar: Focus blogs and further boost SEO by using keywords. You can check out resources like Hubspot’s key word grader to refine your posts.

6. Develop Premium Content

Blogs attract audience attention, but whitepapers and ebooks capture contact information and help convert leads. Well-done premium content also goes a long way to establish your credibility and the depth and breadth of your expertise. Include premium content to propel prospects through the sales funnel. Sidebar: Keep your sales funnel in mind when developing content. Include calls-to-action on popular pages to keep your audience engaged until they’re ready to buy.

7. Include an FAQ section

Many of us don’t have time to wade through large amounts of content. We need an answer and we need it quick. Add an FAQ section for quick reference. Your audience will appreciate the timely answers and easy-to-browse format.

8. Form a distinct personality

Let your brand personality shine through your content. Infuse it with characteristics of your brand and be funny or witty when appropriate. Distinguish your brand from your competitors through your content. The goal is to create a memorable impression of your brand.


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