8 Ways to Boost Your Fertility

Boost Your Fertility with 8 Simple Steps


Trying to have a baby can be quite an overwhelming process. When it’s all that you are focused on, you often forget about taking care of yourself and the small things you can do to increase your chances of conception. Fertility

1) Relax…

no seriously… relax! This is number one for a reason. Stress has extremely negative effects on your body – physically, mentally and emotionally, especially when it comes to fertility. Try different things if you don’t know what works to relax you… warm baths, massages, reading a book to forget about your day, meditation, a lot of people recommend acupuncture for fertility. Have a positive outlook on life and do fun things with your partner.

2) Change Your Diet:

Let’s say you stay away from fast food, and keep the cookies and cake to a minimum. You generally eat healthy. There are still other foods that you can incorporate into your diet that promote pregnancy. These five are the easiest to add: eggs, broccoli, berries, avocado, and salmon. They all give nutrition benefits that are specific to aiding with fertility.

3) Exercise  moderately.

Your goal is to increase blood flow to your uterus and ovaries, so don’t overdo it. Think daily walks or jogs, swimming, or aerobic exercises. Try some prenatal yoga or pilates videos. This supports your general health as well. Women who are in an ideal weight range (not over or underweight) are more likely to conceive.

4) Have Sex Regularly:

While it is helpful to know when you are ovulating and your prime days for making a baby, do not obsess over it. It is not necessary to if you have sex once every 36-48 hours… typically 3 days a week. While the egg lives in the reproductive tract for about 36 hours, sperm can live there for up to 5 days. The best position for conception is missionary because it places the sperm closest to the cervix.

5) Herbs and Supplements:

Skepticism aside, these herbs and supplements have a history of supporting women’s fertility health for generations. I would give these a shot before deciding on more drastic measures. There is a specific herb for each issue you might be having balancing your hormone schedule.

6) Ditch the lube:

Water based lubricants and saliva actually have a repellant effect for sperm making it harder for them to “swim” to your egg. It’s better to go slow with the love-making and use the lubricant your body provides. If it is a deal-breaker and you have to have it, use egg whites. They are “sperm friendly”.

7) Stop bad habits:

Quit smoking. Keep caffeine to a minimum (one cup of coffee or tea per day). Alcohol consumption should also be kept to a minimum (no more than one drink per day). Give yourself more time to sleep at night. All of these will help maintain your overall health making your body healthier for conception and eventually providing that fetus with a good home.

8) Vitamin D:

Take advantage of getting this through natural sunlight. 15 minutes per day in natural sunlight will allow your body to absorb more vitamin D providing better cervical health. Take a walk outside and it will cover two items on this list!

If you have been trying to conceive a baby regularly for more than 12 months without success, contact your local physician to find out if you are truly unable to conceive. They will help you with other options.

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