8 Tips for Entrepreneur Success: the Rage of a Cyclist & the Calm of a Guru

entrepreneurTied to my laptop, like a dog to a leash, my work-life-balance is more like work-life-bulls***

Driver of an SUV (yes I am one of them) I share the road with a team of eager cyclists, I am all too familiar with the blood boiling rage that is often directed at this unassuming citizen of the road. Why? Because I have dared to breathe in the direction of what they deem as their space.

But, with all the ‘sometimes’ misdirected onslaught of rage pushed my way, it got me thinking, the cyclist doesn’t stop to apologize and also doesn’t stop long enough for me to unleash my K-A-R-A-T-E moves on them either.

So what is it?

Look at the dynamics of the road, for fear of stating the obvious, I will now state the obvious.

They have less space on the road, an inferiority complex, perchance?


Today in my daily epiphany it occurred to me, if I, the entrepreneur, want to get where I need to get, I need to imbibe the energy, confidence & determination & don’t give a s*** attitude of a cyclist. Then find my inner Guru to master my skill and protect me from burn out, because this people, this big world game, is gonna take something!

1) The entrepreneur is a small player in a really big world, much like that of a cyclist on the road, if you want to be noticed and heard keep moving with the same determination they do.

2) The traffic is negotiable – The cyclist waits for no one. He navigates every obstacle like a pro. As an entrepreneur, we can get stuck in one direction, we need to understand it takes a slight detour of ideas to get to the final one. Sometimes it doesn’t work, we need to know when to let it go and move on.

3) The cyclist does not apologize for unleashing their rage on random car bonnets and car drivers. In fact the cyclist never apologizes for anything. I am not advocating violent rage, but I am asking that we stop apologizing. It will take a focused, selfish energy, with a little rage to get us where we need to go. I call this entrepreneurial fire-fuel, fight the good fight and stop apologizing for asking for what you want. There is no ‘nice’ way to do business, it takes unshakeable belief to get us where we wish to be.

4) The light is green, where are you? The cyclist rarely stops at a red light. Are we so stuck in the thick of our business that we are looking for the green light to move forward? You wont get it. The light is always green, red lights are what we put on ourselves.

5) Become a Guru of your business. If we want our ideas to be received and thrive we have to take care to really cultivate and truly understand what they are. Dig a little deeper, I bet there is more we can give to this.

6) Breathe the living daylights into your business: Guru’s, mystical, spiritual beings, spend a lot of time breathing, it’s not because they are bored and have nothing better to do. Breathing will literally breathe life in to our worlds. Stop, take a deep breath and breathe.

7) NO, my favorite word. I say it to my inner critic. Learn to say ‘no’ to that little voice in our heads that tells us we can’t do it. It’s a test that our mind plays on us, pass it and the idea we are feeding is probably worth more than we think it is. Fighting our inner ‘glass half empty person’ is one of life’s biggest challenges. TAKE-THE-CHALLENGE

8) Trust- The cyclist and the Guru, trust on such a high level. The cyclist throws themselves out there, quite literally. The Guru knows that trust and fearlessness makes for great opportunities and an inner calmness. Believe, the Universe is abundant, take the plunge, unleash your Earthly given talents on this planet watch, listen and learn. Every test is an opportunity to learn, every lesson is a moment to reflect; listen, reflect, learn AND NOW MOVE ON!

I am a Personal fashion stylist. Nutritionist. Motivational speaker. Writer. Personal shopper volunteer at Dress for Success.
My Focus: Have women create their own brand, voice, style & confidence.



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