8 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness through Content Marketing

In the last few years, content marketing has shown an exponential growth. More than 89% of the companies have accepted content marketing as their core strategy for business growth. Because more than 96% of the consumers are now looking forward to a thought providing content which adds value to them.

With millions of articles on the internet, there is a weak chance that people will read your content. More importantly, how can businesses differentiate themselves from other brands and how to create a meaningful brand awareness while attracting the right customers to your brand?

Here are 8 tried & tested ways by which you can increase your brand awareness through content marketing:

  • Know Thy Audience

Your brand cannot serve everyone in the market. You need to pick a specific set of audience & customize your content with that set of audience. The question you need to ask is who your audience and which type of content are useful and relevant to them.

How can you understand your audience?

The first step is to figure out your target audience. With your target audience in mind, you need to create a buyer persona for that audience. The buyer persona will consist of data regarding that specific audience.

To engage your audience, you need to ask three questions.

What motivates your target audience? How do the audience act when they want to buy something?

The second question is, where do they find the relevant information? Is it on social media, email, or a blog? Do you need to figure out what pages of your website are engaging the audience?

And the final question is, how are they buying things? Do they buy from a laptop or they prefer to buy from their mobile phone? What is the buyer journey of your audience?

  • Experiment with more than one content type

Imagine eating the same food every day for 2 years. How would that make you feel? Sick right? The same theory will apply to your content. One piece of content will be suitable for one segment of the audience, while another type of content will be suitable for others.

There is a constant need to update the content on your website. Using visuals along with the content can boost your visibility to 94%. But just the images are the tip of the iceberg. Using infographics can leave a deeper impact on the audience. Also, consider using memes and a podcast on your website.

Look at your competitors. What type of content is working well for your audience? The case studies, webinars, podcasts, or videos? Go try that.

  • Be unique with your content

The audience is smart enough to know that which content is adding some value to them and which content is up-to-date with the current market. You need to add your personal touch to your niche and produce content which aligns with your company.

Of course, you need to make sense while producing content. Your content can have facts and information which needs to be delivered in a timely manner.

One sure way to stand out from your competition is to offer more than your competition. You can be Seth Godin (who blogs, once a week) or you can be Neil Patel (who blogs like crazy). But the important thing to note here is that you know both. This is the power of a great brand.

  • Promote Content on multiple channels

You want your brand to reach more people, you just need to do two things differently than your competitors:

  1. Start promoting your brand through social media
  2. Increase social media ROI through social media marketing
  3. Start sending email newsletters

You don’t know where your users are, so it is best to start promoting your brand on every social media channel. When you stay consistent in these social platforms you’ll know which of the platforms are performing well. There is no one right medium for any business. If you need to beat your competitors, you just need to reach more people with more than one social media channel.

But there is one big problem in social media platforms. People just forget you if you don’t post too much. This can be a big problem in creating brand awareness.

There is one problem with social media marketing and large audiences. They quickly forget about you. That can eventually become a problem for your brand awareness.

For this problem, you need to send newsletters which can help your brand connect with you connect with your customers.

  • Use Brand Influencers

Neil Patel mentioned one of my friend’s web design agency in one of his blogs, for two straight weeks the website was down due to heavy traffic.

This is the power of an influencer. You need to keep spend some time on digital forums, connect with people on Twitter and share with them what you do.

Take the example of Tony Hsieh. When he started Zappos.com he managed its twitter handle himself. He connected with brand influencers and inspired them to use his brand name in their tweets. The brand went viral in no-time.

  • Analyze with the right tools

Google Analytics is an excellent tool to analyze the buying behavior of your users. But you start analyzing your competitor keywords on Google Analytics it won’t serve anything good. To analyze the keywords of your competitors you need to use Buzzfeed.

This applies to every tool which you use for your brand to create the right awareness towards the target audience.

  • Problem-Solving content

Is your content solving any problem? Did your brand have a story? Storytelling content aids the brand to connect with its audience in a more deeper way.

Tell your brand story in which you faced a problem and solved it yourself. Or share a story of your client who had a problem and you solved that problem.

  • Case studies

One of the most authentic ways to connect with your audience and increase your brand awareness is to share case studies from your clients.

When you share case studies people will read and remember your brand name. This will help them relate with you in a memorable way and create a positive image of your brand in the eyes of the potential customer.


Brand awareness is not just about letting your audience recognize your name or logo. It is much more than that. It is about what your brand represents. Your values, your story, and how you’re solving your customer’s problems.

Do you have any thoughts on how your content is creating band awareness for your business? Do share your ideas in the comments section below.


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