9 women tilting the world upside down

Next month my company Ogunte (http://www.ogunte.com) organises the 7th Women’s Social Leadership Awards. These Awards recognise women in the UK and abroad, influential leaders, connectors, campaigners and social entrepreneurs, who offer innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing social issues, and can evidence their social impact. With these, we encourage and acknowledge extraordinary vision, responsible business and campaigning practices, and the capacity to develop and engage with people.

“In this hyper connected age, we are witnessing the growth of entrepreneurial activism on one hand, holding people accountable for the consequences our actions have now and in the future, and on the other hand, the expansion and recognition of women’s leadership in civic society and in business. These two trends combined is the greatest opportunity this world can grab to turn around massive issues.
Highlighting the relevance and the impact that amazing women are making on the world, as social business leaders, campaigners, and as catalysts for others, is about inspiring others to follow their tracks, inviting angels and investors to look at these models and understand why the gender lens can grow opportunities and inclusive positive impact”

The Women’s Social Leadership Awards were set up in 2007 after what originally was a leadership development programme for women from diverse backgrounds, who were all focused on making an impact in their respective communities. We developed the programme in the London and in the Yorkshire area (North of England). Keeping it as a learning programme alone would have been selfish, people need to know about the achievements and resilience of these women using bold solutions to solve social and environmental issues.

Here are this year’s finalists, 9 women who tilt the world upside down and make a massive ripple effect. We’d love you to explore their work!


A woman founder or the leader of a social business (enterprise whose social purposes are aligned with commercial objectives), with a track record.

Benita Matofska | The People who share // compareandshare.com | UK | @benitamatofska @peoplewhoshare
Dr Jane Davis | The Reader Organisation | UK | @readerjanedavis
Sofia Bustamante | London Creative Labs | UK | @olasofia @LonCreativeLabs


A woman whose charitable organisation /not-for-profit / campaign / network has made waves and changed people’s lives.

Akudo Anuanwu Ikemba | Friends Africa | Nigeria | @akudoikemba
Brinda Crishna | VAANI – Deaf’s Children Foundation | India | @VaaniDCF
Madalina Mocan | Ratiu Foundation for Democracy | Romania | @ratiucenter


A woman providing global / regional activities reaching other social businesses, community groups, charities or campaigns (Consortium leaders, SVI, Consultants, Impact Investors, Angels, Giving platforms); Or a woman leading a CSR initiative, a department or a corporate initiative that contributes to social and/or environmental change.

Jeroo Billimoria | Child Youth Finance International | The Netherlands | @JerooBillimoria @ChildFinance
Kathryn Llewellyn | Positive Women | Wales & Swaziland | @kat_llewellyn @positive_women
Marcelle Speller | LocalGiving | UK | @marcellespeller @localgiving


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