A Daily Pause To Say Thank You

a daily pause to say thank you

{image by hurricanemaine}


Sometimes in life you get so overwhelmed that you forget about gratitude. You know the saying “memory serving you well?” I am not sure our memories serve us well in times of stress. 

 We have all been in the same situation: someone asks us how were doing and we either served up the stock response of “Good and how are you?” OR we start to ramble off a bunch of stuff we are so stressed about. Our voices start from calm to a high lilt and sometimes a screeching stream of crazed sentences. 

 Gratitude is always with us but sometimes it is pushed back further from our present moment.  I have found some ways to help me remember gratitude, I’d like to share some with you.

 Grateful Mindful Eating: Before you eat take a moment to think about the effort it took to get food to your table. As you eat take time to “enjoy” the food. 

 Grateful Secret Goodness: Pick 1 person you see/talk to regularly. View their actions and gestures as coming from a place of good intent. They are doing the best that they can. You can try to do this with difficult people too!

 Grateful for the Complaint: Every time you complain about something,  compliment that same situation immediately after. If the situation is an inconvenience, think about one thing you are learning from it.

 Grateful Blessings: Rather than run through your mind all the tasks you did not do, take a moment to think of all you received. Count warm intentions of the people behind these gifts.

 Grateful Journal: Grab a special blank notebook. Write down 5 things you are grateful for. Each entry should be a new grateful. Do it in the morning-afternoon-night. Try to do it each day or better yet, throughout the year.

 Grateful Email: Right before you check your e-mail take a moment to focus on someone you’re grateful for and send them an email.

 Grateful Thank You Visit: Don’t just e-mail or call a thank you. Write a thank you note and deliver it in person. 

 Grateful Company: Keep company with grateful people. Become more awareof who you spend your time with. Surround yourself with grateful people and you will see your life expand. 

 If  no one has said this to you today- let me be the first! :) It’s a delight to have you in my life. You are a good person with great intent. I appreciate you in my life. I value our future moments together. Be well today!


Planting Peace!