Startup Stories: A Daughter’s Gift Becomes a Mother’s Legacy

LifeIce -- Startup Stories: A Daughter's Gift Becomes a Mother's Legacy
LifeIce Founder, Paulette Fox

Tell us about your product or service.
LifeIce is the first, all natural, freeze & eat, bite-sized ices. Specially formulated with a variety of premium ingredients, LifeIce blends together its power base of coconut water and agave, with complex combinations of Superfoods and everyday health boosters. The result is an innovative FREEZE & EAT treat that comes in four vibrant, distinct and delicious flavors: “Berry Bite,” “Chocolate Crisp,” “Citrus Chomp,” and “Green Grind.”

With a texture more akin to mini-popsicles, LifeIce is the New Frozen Way to Snack Healthy.

What inspired you to launch your business?
The idea for LifeIce was borne out of recipes I made to comfort, hydrate and nourish my mother, who had been bravely battling ovarian cancer. Doctors suggested giving her ice chips, as it seems many people respond to the soothing cool crunch of ice. And my mother was no different. But, while the ice was hydrating her, it lacked any nutritional value. So, using a variety of healthy ingredients, I began blending and then freezing flavorful batches of “nutritional ice chips.”

Using ice as a delivery system for nourishment, my mother ate these nutritional ice chips – and only these nutritional ice chips – for the next few weeks. Defying all odds, she stayed with us beyond the doctors’ expectations. Every one of those extra days was a gift that I never imagined I could give.

Taking inspiration from the therapeutic qualities of traditional ice chips, and using them as a delivery system for nutrition, these bite-sized ices evolved into something that is truly the first-of-its kind. I had personally committed to turning this seemingly simple idea, borne out of necessity, into a complex, delicious and nourishing frozen treat.

Today, after two years of extensive research, development and testing, the LifeIce “cubette” was born.

What problem does your business or organization solve?
LifeIce is a brand new product sub-category. It delivers a new frozen way to snack healthy that is:

100% Natural
Without Preservatives
Low in Calories and Sugars
Kosher-Certified (OU)
No GMO-Free
BPA-Free Package
Sold Shelf Stable
1 Year “Best if Frozen By Date”

Further, the patent-pending FREEZE & EAT delivery system allows it to be sold shelf stable (at room temperature), as a liquid and in custom-engineered trays, to be frozen at home. This ensures product integrity from factory to freezer and provides convenience to freeze & eat when you want.

What has been your biggest challenge and how are you working to overcome it?
The biggest challenge has been two-fold:

1. Introducing an entirely new consumer product that requires extensive education to the trade and consumers about its innovations and use. Extensive marketing and demonstrative efforts have been implemented to help ease the process by which LifeIce is understood; and

2. Financing the development, production, scaling and launching a consumer product, while being pre-revenue and pre-proof of concept. That said, now that LifeIce is in the market, the challenge is to get investors to see that potential in the LifeIce brand and get involved early.

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Company: LifeIce


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