A Good Laughing Stock

There’s a reason they say laughter’s the best medicine. It fills the heart, releases anxiety and increases the heart rate to move blood, our most fundamental and enriching life source to every capillary in the body. It makes us feel good and look good, because nothing resembles the beauty within greater than our laugh.

Laughter means everything to me. In fact I think I have a degree in laughter. Thankfully I have the funniest friends and family who, after so many magical years, have helped contribute to my laughing personality and overall state of wellness and vitality.

You know I absolutely love being in that mood where everything is hilarious. That contagious state of connection with others. The feeling of your cheek muscles hurting and tear ducts losing control. The intense laughter where you snort, or even accidentally ‘let one go’. Or what about when you laugh so much it eventually turns into a cry, or an all out bawling session (this is common after too many wines). And how’s about the intense laughter that creates physical pain in the side of your torso. What about ‘pregnant laugh’? Now this is the best of them all. The pregnant brain allows no control over the physical body, consequently compressing baby to bladder. The next thing you know, hands are tightly squeezed between the legs in every effort to prevent peeing your pants.

Laughing is therapy at its best and easiest. It’s fun, easy and a human characteristic that naturally and physiologically promotes many health benefits. It is also our inner soul glowing through our most gratifying of expressions.

Some people hesitate to laugh in an act of self – consciousness. So you may not have the best teeth in the world, So What! Laughing is not just teeth and a smile. It’s the delicate smile lines around a face, it’s the eyes lighting up in their beautiful shade of brown, green, blue, or a magical combination of the three. And it’s the color in the skin from the flow of healthy blood and hormones around the body. A marvelous and glorious package derived from our body’s core expression center. Nothing in this world makes us more beautiful, or connects one human being to another more than our laugh.

This blog is written to encourage you to pay ode to family and friends who make you laugh. The energy and vibrancy these connections give you is a life source. Take time to cherish all the memories and stupid moments of absolute ridiculousness, and be grateful for each and every chord you’ve struck within your laughter’s frequency.

Get together with friends and schedule a champagne lunch to celebrate years of laughter and fun. Or organize a hair and makeup day, hire a photographer, and get those special moments captured. Or even take some time to review those old photo albums (yep those books with printed photos in them, not the USB stick with 2,500 digital snaps)

Just remember, laughing is free and easy, and is the best way to brighten up your day. Don’t be shy to laugh on those days where you feel upset or unwell. Self -laughter, or laughing on your own might seem stupid, but it can really pick you up! Today’s a Monday, and probably not the best day I’ve had. Even after writing this blog I’ve managed to lift my spirits. Laughter physically creates nothing but gives much, and it enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give. So keep smiling!

Ana is a Coach, Consultant & Speaker.  She works with individuals & groups to align consciousness with innovation, leadership and social responsibility. Also an athlete, Ana has played sport across most continents.  She’s President/Co-Founder of a social impact program in Guinea West Africa, and is an advocate for young women and children aspiring to dream.

Website: www.anamarinovic.com 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MizAnnieM


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