A Letter To One Million Moms

Dear 1 million moms,

I’d first like to applaud you on your over zealous title, seeing that you have still not even come close to 1 million likes, even though you began your warped mission in May of 2009.  I also wonder why you did not choose the title 1 million parents because I am sure there are men out there who share your obscure view on how to better the world.  Surely your blatant discrimination of men could have helped up your numbers a bit?  I scrolled through your Facebook page (as much as I could stomach) and what I get is that perhaps you’re watching too much TV.  Maybe your cause as moms would be more helpful if you focused on making children’s lives better as opposed to bullying other people for living theirs?  Perhaps your mission as moms would make more sense if you taught your children how to love everyone or at the very least, respect everyone for their differences.  As a mother, it is truly sad to see a bunch of women who think they are holier than thou, try to bully anyone who they seem to think is challenging them and their “family values”.  Forget television, companies, the gay community, etc. ..what kind of example are YOU setting with your actions?  Do you tell your children it’s ok to bully other children if they are different?  Do you plot with them when they decide to go after a classmate?  As a mother, here’s some motherly advice:
1) mind your own business
2) God makes no mistakes (even though you and your Christianness think he does)
3) when you point your finger at someone, you have 3 fingers pointing back at you.
4) the golden rule that we are taught in kindergarten, treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
5) turn off the TV and read a book.
6) nobody likes a tattletale.
7) life is much easier when you look for the good and not the bad.

If your goal was to truly enlighten people to what was wrong with this country, first you should start with yourself, then you should realize that what you’ve been campaigning against are the LEAST of anyone’s problems.


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