A moment of weakness


Have you ever gone all “gung ho”  in your head in preparation for something, only to fail at execution? I have, and am really annoyed at myself. I cannot rationalise or fathom why, all I can put it down to is a moment of weakness.

I am no stranger to self sabotage, but this time around I really am at a loss as to why my legendary will power (well it is in my head anyway) did not kick in.

You see, I have found a new Naturopath. She is fantastic and in no way like that Nutter that I recently saw. In fact she is at the other end of the spectrum entirely. This woman is all about educating you why we are doing certain things, why my body has reacted this way and not requesting any drastic changes up front. Very nice considering the overwhelming experience prior.

The first week was great. New herbs, continue to eat well and see how we are progressing. Easy peasy!

There was a new test that was fascinating. The base line was showing this nice curve line like a bell graph – that was what normal looks like.

Mine, looked like a lie detector test with very sharp lines stretching up and down the graph. There is some seriously f$&%ed up shit going on in my body!

I seem to love these tests for some reason. It’s like they somehow validate me. Yes, you know it already, but here is proof your system is spectacularly stuffed 

The second week was just as enlightening. I receive a booklet explaining in depth all the stuff we had touched on in the previous week, an outline for dietary improvements, the herbal strategy and a recipe book.

I walked away with a few more herbs, directions for incremental increases on previously dispensed herbs and a couple of requests such as add these oils to your diet, take 2 days off each week from alcohol and cut the coffee.

I read through the information a few times, wrote out the shopping list and tried to get my head in gear.

Cut to now.

As I write this post, I have yet to go shopping, nor have I cut the coffee or the alcohol. So this is my conundrum. It was a pretty simple set of instructions, but I have not made any changes AND I seem to have no answer as to why, other than I am just not ready yet.

I am sure you have all been at this point. How many times have you tried to start a weight loss strategy, exercise program or even a New Years Eve resolution and failed at the first hurdle?

Generally, I am OK with most of my half hearted attempts because most of the time they are not significantly important. However, in this case we are talking about beating this ‘sickness’ thing and becoming that sensational being I aspire to be.

So what now?

My personal strategy will go something like this:

    • Pick yourself up, dust yourself off.
    • Celebrate how far you have come – I think overall I am sitting at about a 6 on the sickness to sensational scale. That deserves a champagne….oh shit, I’ll have to rethink my reward options!
    • Realise that seeking help and just taking the herbs alone is a big leap forward.
    • Accept results won’t be instantaneous. There will be many more times to come where it feels like it’s one step forward, two steps back.
    • Persevere and rely on that ongoing drive to be healthy EVERY day.


What are the strategies you fall back on when you have a moment of weakness?


What would your personal strategy going forward look like?


Till next time….



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