As a mom, one of the days I  love and dread in equal measure is the day my lovely, precious little ones  head back to school. After a long summer break, there’s nothing greater than the sound of silence in what has been three months of non-stop chaos. However, that silence never lasts once colds and germs start making their way home with the kids. Back to school is the time when I finally get back to my a consistent routine. However, I know that within the month, there will be some sort of cold, infection, or icky illness running through the whole family.

The problem with school germs is that they keep coming back. One kid gets sick and then 2016-08-11 11.07.51they pass it to the next. The cycle continues until it seems to run rampant through the entire classroom and their families. My kids are always sharing toys, pencils, and frankly just touching everything!  I stress the importance of washing hands and try to get them to avoid anything “sticky.” Sadly, all the nagging about handwashing  didn’t do much in terms of preventing colds from ranging through our whole family. Luckily, I discovered an easier way to help strengthen all our immune systems against all those back-to-school germs.

Change Your Back-to-School Routine with Valosun BioPron

2016-08-11 11.07.42As I tried to tackle the cold and flu issue for my family, I started reading and chatting with mom friends about changes I could make to our diet that could help us whether ‘germ season’ a bit better. Adding probiotics to our routine kept on coming up as a top tip. I spent hours when my kids were babies making homemade baby food from scratch and figuring out what food to introduce when. It shocked me that probiotics weren’t something I immediately thought of on my own.

In case you aren’t in the loop, probiotics are good bacteria that make up a lot of the food we eat. Yogurt, buttermilk, kefir are all great sources of probiotics. The best part about probiotics? They are a natural immune system strengthener! If I could just get my kids to eat all these great probiotic-filled foods I’d never have to worry about hand sanitizer again! Kind of.

The problem is that I have to get my picky, and at times temperamental, kids to consume2016-08-11 14.05.49 the probiotic filled food. One would eat yogurt for seven days straight then decide he was done for a month. Another would rather eat glue than eat yogurt.  Fortunately, I found Valosun BioPron. These nifty probiotic products are designed to make it easier to get my kids to partake. The BioPron Junior probiotic comes in a powder that is individually packaged. This means I can mix it into morning milk, juice, or into treats like pudding. I’ll even add a bit to yogurt for an extra boost. Since my kids are picky its great to have an option for when they suddenly decide certain foods are ‘off the menu’. With Valosun BioPron packets in my arsenal, I’m prepared to mix it into whatever might still be ‘on the menu’. My kids can’t taste it, and it gives them the extra hit of probiotics we use to make our way through ‘germ season’. Next time you’re tired of fighting with those back to school bugs, try out Valosun BioPron for your little ones!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BioPron. The opinions and text are all mine.


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