ABCDs… of Work Life

Protecting our dreams

Begin with the end in mind… Ever heard of this phrase? It is not wrong to begin with an end objective in mind. However, people usually are not sure how to go about meeting the end objective.

Or many times (sadly), are dreaming of what could have been instead of what should have been.

The ABCDs of Work Life

It might not have crossed people’s mind that they do not have sufficient knowledge banked into their life. I would frequently ask people “who are you”, “what are you trying to achieve”, “how are you going to achieve it” and not surprising to see the “taken-aback” expression that they probably never give a thought about these basic questions. Thus leading to the first point – lack of personal “Awareness”.

The next question people frequently ask me “Why do I need developmental training?”, “Can you tell me who I am?” Dumbfounded by this question, I have usually have an instinctual response (jokingly) telling them that I am not a psychic by profession.

We are what we are. We tend to talk to people similar to us, inclination of reading / finding information that is within our interests or hobbies. These define our behaviour and habits. Without a clue into their possible strengths, pitfalls, blind spots, the way they communicate, make decisions… Are we leading a holistic life (not only about money, career or the next travel destination) but encompassing different thoughts, listening to people who are dis-similar to us? Why should we listen to other people? Vice versa why should they listen to you if you do not care for what they do?

So, how would managers, bosses, supervisors, superiors lead their employees and teams? How would one interact with their families, spouse, children, friends, and network? By enforcing our ideas on them?

Therefore, how do we go about finding out our strengths? Our developmental points? Our conflict reaction? What are the triggers that would cause us stress? These reflective questions leads to the next point – Recognising the “Basics”.

Meeting the challenges

Understanding what makes us tick and what not… the next step to development would be meeting the challenges ahead. This is a very vague description. What are the challenges ahead? How far ahead are we referring to? What are the traits needed or skills required in order to stand up to and brave through the difficulties? As we continue to ask more questions, the road beyond appear clearer. The light at the end of the tunnel glimmers invitingly but not without the “Challenges” that accompanies growth.

Dreaming is a good way to encourage creativity but dreaming without action, it remains but a mirage in the middle of the desert. Dreaming with actions, bring about the different trials and hardships of getting closer to the objective. Ever read stories where people succeed without hardships? Hardly.

Determination to perserve

Yup, this is the “D” that we are referring to > Determination. The will to persevere is important. Take for example, if babies were to be afraid of walking and avoided it totally; what do you think will happen? The babies would grow up not knowing how to walk and for their whole life relying on their caregiver. What if that particular baby’s destiny is to become a professional athlete? That means the future athlete would not be realizing his or her potential.

But recognizing and understanding the ABCDs and with a sound plan (give and take there would probably be detours or shortcuts along one’s grand plan) would provide a stronger foundation to achieving that end goal.

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