Add these foods to your summer entrees

summer entrees

Broccoli – A weight loss superfood that contains phytochemicals to protect against disease and boost your immune system.

Fruit! Berries, Apples all help cut down your cravings for sweets – A great source of fiber.  Fruit balances the body and has great detox and fat burning properties!

Green tea – boosts the metabolism and can aid in weight loss

Hot Peppers – speeds up the metabolism and conquers cravings.  The secret is the chemical capsaicin.

Lean Turkey – switch your chicken habit for some turkey! Great protein source to help you lose fat, boost metabolism and build lean muscle!

Oatmeal – cholesterol fighting, chock full of fiber, keeps you full and gives you tons of energy.  Try steel oats (hint – I cook mine overnight in a crock pot ready for me first thing in the morning – delicious!

Water – ice, ice baby – drink it cold this summer season. It will keep you feeling full, flush out toxins and give your skin a goddess glow.
Water with lemon – helps activate the burning of the fat for it is a bile thinner!

Whey protein -quickly digested and put into use by the body.  A natural fat burner and helps keep insulin levels stable.

In good health,
Jennifer Ettinger,

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