Add Twitter Into Your Agenda: Maximize Your Marketing Exposure the beginning of this month, the CEO of Twitter announced that there are over 400 million Tweets sent each day.  However, he also acknowledged that half of their registered users are categorized as robots, AKA “spam accounts”.  Twitter’s use has doubled since May of 2011, with an adult population reaching 15% of the accounts in the network.

Unlike FacebookTwitter was created as a platform to micro-message, and collate data (articles, images, and links).  The Twitter users that are part of the 15% adult pool show that they are not in the 50% “robot” category by tying applications to their account.  Mobile apps have spurred Twitter use, allowing users to tweet whatever comes to mind as they walk down streets, sit in their desk at work or drop the kids off at school.

Whether you are posting images through Instagram, uploading content through Viddy, and sharing throughFlickr and Tumblr– you are adding tweets to your account.

Twitter is on the list of the ten most visited websites in the world, and the second most used social media network on the planet.  Here are Social Fulcrum’s suggestions to properly use Twitter for business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships:

Use Hashtags (#).  Hashtags help your posts get found in Twitter and Google+ searches.  Your business can create Twitter contests to generate audience participation and attention for upcoming product launches, events, or holiday specials.  During December, the Jim Henson Company gave away multiple merchandise items when followers tweeted the designated daily Hashtag, and the answer to the production studios question(s).  The Henson company was able to generate additional attention for its holiday film release, The Muppets, and collect data on their fans through their participation.

The weekend produces 30% higher engagement for fashion brands. Publishers also have 29% higher engagement rates on Saturdays, when consumers are presumably catching up on the news of the week.  Only 7% of tweets from publishers actually occur on Saturdays.    Reach your donors, buyers, fans, and followers- when they are using the platform!  Use HootSuite or Tumblr, and queue your posts so that they appear at different times on the weekends (by refreshing your feed from the previous week and re-posting tweets that were highly liked will assist in growing your audience dialogue, and online exposure).


As for the tweets themselves, Buddy Media suggests keeping them to fewer than 100 characters. Tweets of that length got a 17% higher engagement rate than other, comparative tweets.  Be short and sweet on Twitter, and lengthy and winded on your blog (share your blogs topic through a link on your Twitter, don’t lead in with the first paragraph, just a teaser)!

If you ask followers to “RT,” you’ll get a 12X higher retweet rate than if you don’t. But if you spell out the word “retweet,” that figure jumps to 23X.  Make sure you spell out the word- you are generating more attention for your Fourth of July party!

Suburban and urban residents are more likely to use Twitter than those in rural areas.  Twitter is heavily used on mobile phones, and more apps tied to Twitter are tied to these handheld devices in cities (FoursquareYelp, Scoutmob, Foodspotting and Groupon’s apps all use GPS features to tie check-in’s to the users physical location).

Women have a slightly higher Twitter presence than men in this study, with 53 percent of users being female.  Tailor your service posts towards women when you are providing a product or trade that is feminized.

Create a call to action in your posts.  49% of businesses only release statements and images, they do not ask for a dialogue, response, or attention from their followers.  You will grow your personal relationships through interacting, and gauge your times value (the return on time invested in social media marketing).

Answer complaints on Twitter!  Over 70% of businesses do not reply to messages defaming their businesses on the network; words do hurt- at least online.  When you reply to an angry patron, you are more likely to quell their animosity, and able to fix their problem: make them happy!  The quickest way to lose credibility? If, as a business, you attempt to cover-up, lie or over-promise and under-deliver.

Don’t be spammy and go overboard, but sharing your content several times (if it’s valuable) will give you the extra edge.  This will drive traffic to your website and its content (your second storefront).

Before you expand your Twitter community, invest a little time to organize your existing community withTwitter Lists.  Twitter Lists help you focus on conversation streams.

It’s important that you don’t follow too many new people at one time. Twitter spammers aggressively follow a large number of people in short bursts. If you act like a spammer, someone might report you as such and Twitter might suspend your account!

Does your business use Twitter?  Have you felt success?  Tell us your story!


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