Adjust, Adapt, and Accept: Holding the Space


Last time I talked about accepting the fact that LIFE can be a mess sometimes. In this blog post, I want to build upon adjusting, adapting, and accepting life’s curve balls by talking about holding the space. There are many times when our emotions threaten to overtake our day… they seem to want to trample on our good mood or our positive attitude and stamp out our positive energy.

But we have to realize that when we are angry and upset, we have the power to control how we react and ultimately the outcome. There are many times where it is just too easy to feed your own negative energy… the more we complain and the more we choose not to accept, the more we might spiral negatively.

LIFE is sometimes going to get a little bit wild… but we cannot try to fit it into the box of our own perfect expectations. We have to hold the space in that moment when someone pushes our buttons. We take a pause, step back, and adjust, adapt, and accept whatever situation is giving us strife.

When your New Year’s Resolutions threaten to overwhelm you with impossibility, try replacing them with a one word motto… it worked for me! This one word motto is not only simplifying your life, but it is also giving you a huge space to improve and stretch yourself as you grow throughout 2013. You can bring your word up during moments of stress and hold the space… fill your mind with the word you choose and what it represents to you. Like I always say “Inch by Inch is a Cinch!”

Remember that we have to work at our lives each and every single day.


Planting Peace,