An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Living Well


I was having a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur when we started discussing the value of living well. When you’re an entrepreneur, your business is your life. If you’re living an unorganized, stressful life, chances are your business is unorganized and stressful. That’s no way to live. One of the most beneficial qualities of entrepreneurship is the ability to live a balanced life. If you’re growing your business with chaos, you’re heading in the wrong direction.

“But isn’t every entrepreneur stressed?

You don’t have to be! Running a business is a lot of work, you wear a lot of hats within the business, and probably even more outside of your business. You are CEO, Director of Marketing, Sales Representative, PR, Accountant, the list goes on….

“So how then does one live well with so much to do?

In a previous post I discussed how to look at stress as a tool to help motivate you. You have to know that when pursuing big dreams stress is as inevitable as the risks you take; however, just as every successful entrepreneur minimizes her risks, she must learn to minimize her stress.There are ways to reduce the stress of running your own business, these ways will help guide you to live a well balanced life. Living well will help your business thrive by providing you with clarity, energy, knowledge, discernment, connections, organization, and joy.

How To Live Well

  1. Be a planner. Plan your days, plan your months, plan your year. Preparation is key to success.
  2. Be flexible. When things change, one who is able to quickly adjust is more likely to be successful than one who is stuck in her old ways.
  3. De-Clutter your life. Organize your home, your car, your office. “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, and a clean space provides mental clarity.
  4. Never stop learning. Developing skills in any given subject will increase your confidence.
  5. Don’t break your promises. This includes the promises you make to yourself and others, be a woman of your word!
  6. Enjoy rest. Even with a million things to do, you need to make time to relax. No body can run efficiently without rest. I am #TEAMSLEEP
  7. Create a system. Create systems so that if you aren’t able to run your business someone else can.
  8. Value time. Don’t waste it, prioritize tasks. Don’t forget to include time with loved ones and time alone.
  9. Eat right, and exercise. A proper diet and exercise regime will increase productivity, efficiency, and energy.
  10. Know your worth. Don’t over work yourself, miss out on important life events, or be lead astray from your values for temporary satisfactions. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.
  11. Be kind. Be kind to yourself and others. You get out of this world what you invest in it. Always be sure that you are investing support, motivation, inspiration, and peace.
  12. Always remain humble and give back. The greatest thing you can do is help someone who may never be able to repay you. The feeling of helping someone is euphoric and will keep you grounded and gracious.
  13. Surround yourself in positive places, with positive people.
  14. Take advantage of the freedom you have as an entrepreneur to be the boss of your life. Live well, and enjoy the process. You are blessed! You are living your dream! Entrepreneurship is freedom; live well!

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