Anna Colibri

The ANNACOLIBRI mission is to coach bright and beautiful women (and men!) to be technologically independent. Tech savvy coaching develops a sense of mastery to unleash financial freedom, creativity, flexibility and joyful living.

What is financial freedom?

Financial freedom can be defined in many ways, including spending less than you earn and supporting yourself and your family in a way brings you joy — however you define it. Tech savvy, because it relies on the most dynamic parts of our economy, ups the chances that you will find work that is as financially rewarding as you need or want it to be.

What is creativity?

Creativity is having work that allows you to use all of your capacities. As a bright and beautiful woman (or man!) you have great ideas, a wonderful capacity to work and the ability to be autonomous. The more tech savvy you are, the more creative you can be.

What is flexibility?

As working women (and men!) we understand the importance of flexibility. It includes the freedom to rearrange your schedule for a:

– Sick child
– School event
– Yoga class or a massage
– Friend from out of town or
– Any other adventure that may come your way

What is joyful living?

Joyful living is a personal definition, but it often includes financial freedom, creativity and flexibility. ANNACOLIBRI wants to work with you to define what joyful living means for you and help you make it real. Today and everyday.

ANNACOLIBRI believes in people, products, services & brands that genuinely care about the work they are doing & want the world to be a better place, both online and off. We choose clients based on their commitment to joyful living.

ANNACOLIBRI was founded by Anna Yaya Kelleher in 2012. Anna has a background in yoga and nonprofit management and has lived, studied, taught, worked, written & parented in San Francisco since 1992.


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