Are Webinars Part of your List Building Strategy?

If you’re not using webinars as part of your list building strategy you should be. They are a great way to build a list quickly.

Here are 7 reasons you should be doing webinars in your business!

    1. An easy way to share your expertise and experience.


    1. Webinars give you the opportunity for visitors to hear your expertise and experience on specific topics that matter to them.


    1. Announcing you are having a webinar increases your credibility on your subject. If you stick to a subject that you know well because of both successful experience and passion, you will build credibility.


    1. The invitation to a webinar, and the follow up to download the recording, are valid reasons to email your entire list of contacts at least twice.


    1. High-value content is ideal for pushing out to your social media network; the companies winning at social media are the ones contributing content that speaks to their credibility.


    1. You can use recorded webinars as a “free offer” on your website.


    1. You can very effectively increase your brand credibility by co-hosting a webinar with one of your more recognized suppliers or vendors.


Thank you for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback or recommendations so please share.

Susan Mershon is a Technology & VA Coach, Trainer & Speaker who helps virtual assistants and entrepreneurs multiply their income by simplifying technology


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