Are you accepting all forms of payment in your business?

Are you accepting all forms of payment in your business?

It is 2012.. right? Why would you not be accepting debit/credit cards as a form of payment?? Well don’t be surprised there are small business today that only operate with cash. I have come across a few in the past few weeks. If your customer is not ready with cash you might loose a sale.

There are so many options available for accepting cards as a form of payment. It all depends on your preference & budget.

Below are a few comparison of payment services I’ve reviewed:

Square  $0 Monthly
2.7% per swipe transaction
3.5% + $0.15 of manually entered transaction

$0 – Basic   $30 – Pro
2.7% per swipe transaction
3.5% + $0.15 of manually entered transaction
2.9% + $0.30 of online transactions up to $3,000 monthly (additional fees for monthly charges greater than 3k)
$20 – Monthly    $0.10 per transaction

Square is my ultimate favorite. I’ve been using Square for over a year now. The dongle connection is FREE & the software is user friendly. Square continues to make updates to their software, that do not disappoint. Square works well on Apple & Android devices.

You can turn your iPad into a register with their new app Square register. Customers can sign right on the mobile device for the transaction. A receipt can be emailed or text to the customer for a record of purchase, including map with location of purchase. Payments can be deposited into our business bank account the next business day.

Visit for detailed information.

Paypal is also a great choice. There is capability to invoice clients (included in basic plan) & collect installment payments (+19.99/mo). Paypal has a very easy to use web interface. With configuration customers can make purchases directly from your site or via the mobile application. Paypal tracks all invoices & enables you to send reminders to customers for payment You can also, get a debit card for your account or transfer funds to a linked account.

Visit for detailed information. is a great choice for business that process a large number of cards daily. offers many ways to accept payments, mobile, online, & retail store front. There is a $99.00 one-time setup fee & the card readers are between $50.00 – 80.00. There are many third party solutions that can be integrated with to complete your payment processing requirements.

Visit for detailed information.

In my experience when completing a point of sale purchase, consumers feel more comfort with you swiping the card in front of them than typing in the number into your mobile device. It gives a sense of security that you aren’t storing their card number in your phone.

Remember if you are taking this payment on a wireless device that you are using a secure internet connect. One benefit to using your mobile device for card processing is you can use your existing wireless plan. Your number one priority should be to always protect your customer information.

There are many choices out there, be sure to do a complete comparison & select the best one for your business. Evaluate each option on the following:


  • Confirm the amount of monthly & transactions fees.

Manual entry or card swipe

  • Think about your customer
  • Think about the fee, some services charge more for manual entry

Customer experience

  • Again, think about your customer
  • How will they get a receipt?
  • Does this service require my customer to create an account?

If you need some assistance evaluating services or to let me know how you liked the article reach out to me at [email protected]


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