Are you aligned with your brilliance?

I attended a Wise Women Network event yesterday here in the Phoenix area.  It was one of those all day events where you hear several speakers sharing their brilliance.  It was truly a joyous and informative event.  I gained a lot from listening to the speakers and talking with others who were in attendance.

After the event was over I got to thinking about how many people are not truly aligned with their brilliance.  It took me a couple of years to figure out that what I thought was my “brilliance” was NOT.  (And I know I’m not alone) That’s a handy piece of information to have!

When you go to networking events people you chat with usually ask these questions…”What do you do?” and “What is your passion?”  Hopefully your answers align to both of these questions. In other words, what you do is all about your passion.  

If you’re like me I thought the two were aligned….until someone called me on it.  She asked me some hard questions and I answered them and as I did I began to realize that I wasn’t doing what I was truly passionate about.  No wonder I was struggling and burning out!  I was shocked when I finally realized it…the signs were all there.  I just refused to see them.  Sometimes it is easier just to ignore the obvious!

I’ve made some major changes in my business and life so that I am now doing what I’m passionate about and I’ve started sharing my brilliance!  It’s amazing how easily things are now flowing and I’m forever grateful for the stranger who asked me the hard questions.

So my question to you my friend is…are your sharing your brilliance?  Are you doing what your passionate about?  If you are, congratulations!  If you’re not, isn’t it time?  Please share….


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