Are you looking for the Secret to Success?

little-sisters-sharing-secret-300x185A while ago I read an online article that set me thinking – not so much because of the content, but more because of how we respond to the things we see on the internet. It was called something like The Ten Secrets to Success. Would I have clicked through to read it if I hadn’t been hoping it might contain some magical tip or technique?

In other words I was looking for a SECRET!

I think we do often hope to find a Secret Thing that will be a shortcut to whatever it is we want to achieve (in my case this is to wake up in the morning just KNOWING how to speak fluent French ….). Of course there IS no secret to success in speaking French or to anything else we want to achieve, just as there’s no way we’ll secure happiness for ourselves by buying the products offered to us in television commercials.

So how do we achieve the things we want?

I can’t remember what Secrets of Success were offered in that article, but here are my top 3 tips. And notice that I said tips there! These really aren’t secrets; they’re things I’ve learnt from experience and they’re things that thousands of successful people have found work for them:

1. Be Positive

I can and will learn to speak French fluently! We often allow negative thoughts to stop us from doing things or making changes in our lives, and those negative thoughts become hardwired in our brains. They’re often based on false beliefs about ourselves, like “I’m hopeless at languages”. When we make new connections using more affirming images and thinking we can achieve so much more (after all, I’m actually pretty good at languages, thank you very much)! It really is true that our thoughts shape how we see and experience the world around us. Being positive makes us happier. Not only that, but being positive helps our physical health and well-being too!

2. Set Specific Goals

Having dreams is great, I’m not knocking that. But having dreams that we can realise by setting goals for ourselves, well, that’s the stuff that dreams are made of! Learning to set specific goals, with clear outcomes, is a skill that you can acquire.

3. Take Action

Goals are terrific, but they do require you to take action. It’s no good writing a list of goals and then not doing anything. If you’ve set realistic targets and you’re clear how to take the first step there shouldn’t be anything to stop you from making that first move. Especially with all those positive thoughts and ideas buzzing round in your brain! Don’t forget, if you’d like some support to help you on your path to the life you want then come on over the Wednesday Teatime website and say ‘hello’.

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