Are You Making These 5 Common Fertility Mistakes?

sperm fertilizing an egg


Getting pregnant is all about timing. There are multiple products on the market that claim to help you conceive faster, boost your fertility without drugs, and guarantee pregnancy in 60 short days. Before you start buying fertility bracelets, dolls and herbs, and praying to fertility gods and statues, first take a look at these 5 common fertility mistakes you may be making.


Myths abound that talk about ways to improve your fertility. Certain sexual positions that supposedly enhance your fertility. Particular foods and drinks that help you conceive faster. There is still a debate on whether lying down after sex with hips propped up for 20 – 30 minutes will help ensure pregnancy success.


The truth is there is no great secret. It all comes down to the sperm fertilizing the egg. A lot of couples will turn sex into a baby-making chore that takes all the fun out of it. It becomes completely goal-oriented with pregnancy as the ultimate goal. The purpose of sex should still be to have a good time, satisfy one another, and to reach orgasm. Are you making these 5 common fertility mistakes?


Common Fertility Mistake # 1: Faulty Timing


When trying to make a baby, figuring out when a woman ovulates is the most important thing to know. Every woman has her “fertility window” and must figure out when she is ovulating. There is a variety of methods to help with this including charting your basal body temp and noting changes in the cervical mucus. To figure out the exact day you ovulated, count back 14 days from the day you started your period. The “fertility window” usually opens five days before ovulation and closes on the day of ovulation.


Common Fertility Mistake # 2: Stress


The more worried you are about making a baby, the more stressed you become, and the less likely it is to happen. I’ve heard couples say “It happened when we stopped worrying about it!” Stress equally affects men and women in a negative way. Elevated levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, has shown to impact ovulation and fertility. Do not get all caught up in the “science” of making a baby. Try to relax, stop worrying, and have fun.


Common Fertility Mistake # 3: Blaming Oneself


Most people assume that if a couple is not getting pregnant that the woman must be the one at fault. In almost 40% of the cases, the male is the one with the problem. A doctor can perform a sperm analysis to rule out any issues.  You should both make plans to see a doctor if you have been trying to get pregnant after one year with no success if under 35, or after six months if over 35. Before attempting to get pregnant, you may want to see a doctor if you have a history of unusually heavy or painful periods or a history of STDs. This will allow them to rule out any health conditions that may be affecting your fertility.


Common Fertility Mistake # 4: Unhealthy Practices


There is no better reason for staying away from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine if you are attempting to get pregnant. It is a good idea to start taking a prenatal vitamin to give your body a good supply of folic acid. Avoid fad diets and diets that lead to extremes in your weight. Eat healthy foods, limit your consumption of artificial sweeteners, and consult your physician to start a daily exercise routine if you are not already doing so.


Common Fertility Mistake # 5: Overthinking the Process


Stop obsessing over which positions will give you the best chance of getting pregnant. There is no hard evidence to suggest that any particular position will improve your chances. If the woman is ovulating and the man has healthy sperm, any position will do. It is important to have sex during ovulation, but do not stress out about having sex multiple times a day. A man’s sperm count can decrease if you engage in too much sex. It is best to have sex once a day or every other day, four to six days before ovulation and then on the day of ovulation. Sperm can live inside your body between 24 and 48 hours after sex.


By recognizing these five common fertility mistakes that you may be making, you can stop stressing, relax, and get to it!


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