Are you on track to meet your goals this year?

It’s July,  the year is more than half over!  As a child I couldn’t wait for summer.  No school, beach days, vacations, and play time with cousins.  Then you grow up and have goals, responsibilities, and vacations to balance it all out.

My goal for 2012 was to buckle down and do everything necessary to grow my business.  I knew I didn’t want to be working in Corporate America forever.  My job was great.  I was making a six figure salary, traveling, and could afford to do the things I wanted.  So it wasn’t the wanting for more money that fired my passion.  It was the other benefits of entrepreneurship; expressions of creativity, freedom to manage my time, and opportunity to give back to others.  I’ve learned that setting realistic goals is necessary for my business growth.

Goal Setting isn’t as hard as you make it!

Here are my 3 personal thoughts about goal setting:

Specific and realistic goals work best – Determine what you want to achieve in the end.  Make it visual, picture what that looks like.  Having this clear picture helps keep you driven.  I recently started creating a vision board that I will post in my office.  This will be a reminder of what I am in it for.

One of my current goals is to get a new Mac monitor for my office (specific and realistic).  In order for me make the purchase I must meet my monthly numbers for 3 months.  These are my short term checkpoints for my end goal of a new monitor.  I get the push monthly with a nice reward in the end.

Goals should help you grow personally and professionally, when specific and realistic.

Roadblocks don’t mean failure – Life happens, setback are natural, and may get in the way of you making the goals you have set.  This doesn’t equal failure.  It means growth!  How else would you get where we are meant to be without overcoming failures?

I’ve had plenty failures, some that almost took me out with thoughts of giving up.  Things like not closing a sale or landing a large contract.  Now I look back at these losses and say “ Where would I be if those hadn’t happened? or Next time i’ll try to approach that a little differently”.  Failures are a wonderful thing!  Use them as a positive push to do better next time.

Goals are personals – When you are setting goals, they should be set for your growth.  The results of the goals will benefit those around you.  Your family, staff, and friends will begin to appreciate your growth both professional and personal.

Start realizing your dreams today!

 My goal for 2013 is to be in Italy for September.  I saw the move Eat.Pray.Love.  I’m ready to Eat in Italy and visit some wineries!  What’s your big goal?  How are you going to be successful?


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