Are You Ready for the End of the School Year?


The end of the school year can be an extremely exciting time for students and teachers. It’s the culmination of a successful school year and a new chapter for the years to come. As parents, kids, and teachers count down the days to summer vacation, there are still a variety of things that need to take place before the school year comes to a close. Here are some useful tips for teachers, students, and parents to take into consideration for a successful close to the school year.

For teachers:

It’s important for teachers to encourage students to reflect on what they’ve learned throughout the school year. To make this activity something students will actually want to do, try integrating some fun into it. For example, you can allow your students to take the stage and teach the rest of the class different concepts they’ve learned. This will allow students to really prove what they’ve learned and give them a chance to work on their leadership skills. Another activity would be to plan a class Jeopardy game using flashcards and choose different categories to quiz students on (give them more incentive to do their best by giving out a prize!)

You can also create a mini portfolio or scrapbook for your students to highlight their biggest accomplishments throughout the school year as well as goals for them to succeed in the next year. Or, throw an end-of-year celebration complete with snacks and games to thank your students for their efforts.

For students:

Although the end of the school year is quickly approaching, don’t enter vacation mode just yet. Teacher Appreciation Day may be over, but make sure you show your recognition for your teacher by giving him or her an appreciation gift, such as flowers, stationery, a gift basket, or even some scrumptious chocolate covered berries. Just remember to get creative with your teacher appreciation gift to show that you are truly grateful for them.

You will most likely have end-of-the-year tests to prepare for. Remember to put as much effort into studying for these as you would for any other test. Just because you are almost done, doesn’t mean you should be slacking on your assignments. Show your teacher you care by making a strong effort to succeed all the way to the last day of school.

For parents:

Parents: the best thing you can do to assure your children are ready for the end of the school year is be supportive of their efforts. Make sure they have everything they need to study for final exams and talk to their teachers about anything they might need to work on before the school year comes to a close. Planning a summer vacation for the family? Double check your student’s school schedule to assure your much-awaited vacation doesn’t overlap with their final exams.

Try your best to stay organized and keep a simple routine throughout the last hectic weeks of school, and stay firm with your child’s homework rules to assure they complete everything in time. If your child is showing signs of end-of-year stress, which will most likely happen, remember to stay supportive and give them guidance on how they can cope with the stress during those final weeks. This will give them more confidence and make them more motivated to get through the last push.

Additionally, if you are planning on sending your child to summer camp, make sure to get them signed up before the school year ends – spots tend to fill up fast!

Whether you are a teacher, student, or parent, staying organized is key to having a successful school year. We all know how hectic it can get during the weeks leading up to summer vacation, so being proactive will help everyone stay afloat during this stressful time. Although it may seem like there is a never-ending list of things to accomplish, the end of the school year is also a very exciting time and the start of a new chapter – embrace it!


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