Are you ready to be fully present in 2013?

2013: The Year of Abundance!

Join the journey:

How time flies when you’re having fun, committed to the end, or lost yourself in this world of entrepreneurship.  The last few weeks of the year is when many of us are reflecting on what worked and what didn’t work.  Hopefully planning on making the necessary changes to be better for the year ahead.

I had an amazing 2012, personally and professionally.  However there are always things that can be improved upon.  During my times of reflection I realized I wasn’t fully present this year.  Being a new business owner it was hard to create and maintain a balance between personal and business life.  There would be times where I was fully committed to my business and client projects that I gave up my self-care.  Or worked so hard I had no energy to entertain my personal relationships and passed on a girls’ vacation or dinner with my man (ugh!).

In the last few months of 2012 I took time to put my own systems into my business and created the balance I desired when starting my business.  Sometimes we just have to stop and listen to ourselves.

I am on a journey this year and it is to make 2013: The Year of Abundance!

Join the journey:

I started on this journey because I felt a lack in many areas of my personal & business life during 2012.

I am on a mission to equip service professionals with technology to make their business day run smoothly, operational processes that deliver a memorable customer experience, and support so they can build an empire and create a legacy.

I firmly believe entrepreneurs can have it all… its called ABUNDANCE!

Definition of Abundance:

  1. an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply.
  2. overflowing fullness.
  3. affluence; wealth.

My Definition for The Year of Abundance: To have a life & business you desire! 

More TIME!  More ENERGY!  More MONEY!  MoreYOU!

During 2013 I plan to host expert interviews, introduce simple and easy tools, and amazing services that listeners can immediately implement into their life & business for abundance! I have mapped out each month to reveal actionable strategies in the areas of Time, Energy, Money, and You [Self-Care).

Please accept this as my official invitation to join me on this journey in learning that it is possible to have abundance in life and business.

Join the journey:

Cheers to a profitable year full of abundance!


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