Become Your Own Hero and Ditch the Damsel in Distress

A stylized layered paper cut-out illustration of RapunzelOwning your own business is scary, thrilling, empowering and exhausting. All at the same time.

You’re responsible for every aspect of your business. You have the power to make it a success, or you can watch it slowly sink. Either way, you’re the writer of your own story.

Your mindset is the most important asset you have. It’s the difference between success and failure.

The Damsel in Distress Mindset

All of the old fairy tales have a reoccurring theme – the handsome Hero saves the poor Damsel in Distress. The unambitious Damsel simply waits for the Hero to rescue her. She does nothing to save herself, and merely waits. And waits, and waits.

Rapunzel may be the worst. She could have climbed down herself if she had any guts. But she didn’t.

The Damsel in Distress mindset will kill your business. It’s really that simple. If you sit around waiting for someone else to fix your problems, you will fail. If you wait to react, or deny problems or issues exist, you will fail.

The Hero Mindset

On the other hand, a Hero doesn’t wait for anyone else to save them. They save themselves.

Fairy tales are full of handsome Heroes, who always save the day. Disney’s gotten the hint in recent years that we would rather watch a Damsel save herself. Their princesses have evolved from simpering idiots into Carpe diem type of gals.

It’s about time.

A Hero doesn’t wait to solve their challenging business problems. They don’t wait around complaining when the economy takes a nosedive. They diversify, add new profit streams, change strategy and save their businesses.

They take responsibility for both business success and failure. And never wait around for someone else to fix their problems. They draw their own swords and slay the beast.

Flip the Script

I was once a Damsel in Distress. I waited, and waited for someone else to change my circumstances.

But I flipped the script.

I stopped blaming everyone else for my lack of success. I created new profit streams, changed directions, and evolved. I took responsibility for my business and created a new path. I haven’t reached all my business goals yet, but I’m working on it every day.

Because at the end of the day, I’m the only one responsible for me. No one is coming to save me. And no one is coming to save you either.

Whatever business challenge you are facing, take action today. Find a solution, create a plan, and make necessary changes. The success of your business depends on your mindset.

So be a Hero.

Liesha Petrovich is the creator of Micro Business Essentials, a data-driven business blog exclusively for micro businesses. In her free time, she’s working on a Doctorate in Entrepreneurship. If you’re looking for more fast, affordable, and effective tips to help your business grow, grab a copy of Micro Business Essentials Toolkit: Free and Low Cost Resources.



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