Are YOU the obstacle in bullding your business?

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Yeah, I know that…yeah, I know that too. Wow! What a great confirmation- I already knew that.” These were the comments I was hearing from someone who was going broke in their business…

I was doing a Complimentary Business Breakthrough Session with a gentleman whose business was struggling and just keeping its (and his) head above the poverty line. After a few minutes I began to realize that what he was hearing and what he was accepting were not even in the same realm. He’s not alone though, this is a trap anyone of us can fall into when we struggle; we become the biggest block in our business.

When we begin to fail, we go into a self-protection mode to keep the pain to a minimum. This is the very coping mechanism that will keep you stuck where you are, instead of moving into Success. As a business hypnotist, I’ve found 3 keys that can unlock your obstacle turning it into an opportunity, which can move you from breakdown into breakthrough. Let’s look at how you can move forward.

1. You have confused knowledge with wisdom, understanding with utilization. Just because you know it doesn’t mean you are doing it. Case in point; all the information available (for FREE) on the internet about losing weight, yet obesity is epidemic.

What is the step you can take to break free? ACTION! Quit talking about what you know and start acting on it. Yes, I know, you might fail. That is one of the outstanding differences between people who are a success and those who struggle. Successful people fail faster! I find out more in one week about what will work in my business as well as what won’t than most entrepreneurs find out in a year. This means my level of success in one week can rival their results for the year.

2. You really aren’t coachable on what you can do to increase your success. Even though this business owner had asked me specifically to help him break out of some business challenges, there was more talk on his part about what he was doing right, than listening to my suggestions of what he could do better.

What is the step you can take to break free? LISTEN! Stop looking for validation on what you are doing well, and start taking the advice on what you can do better. Stop hiding behind the lowest form of procrastination which is perfectionism and take action (see step #1).

3. You attract what you are not what you want. It didn’t take me long to ask the business owner why he had asked for this session with me (since he already knew everything and didn’t need to upgrade any of his actions). His reply; I’m always looking for free ways to improve myself.

Your clients will expect the same from you that you expect from others; free. Not only that, but your business will never grow bigger than who you are personally. Money is just a magnifying glass that makes everything about you larger, your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Do you really want to magnify a scarcity mentality?

What is the step you can take to break free? Invest in your success by actually paying for the mentoring you are receiving. If you learn to value yourself, that you are worth paying for, then you will begin to attract in clients who will be willing to value what you share with them.

By the way, if the above is a potential client that you are dealing with, realize the situation for what it really is…not a potential client, just a time and energy drain. Oh, and, if you see yourself in the above, a mentor can work with you to begin the transformation process, but only you can do it for yourself.

Dawn Ferguson

Are you a coach, therapist or agent of change who wants to help your clients make rapid uplevels in their actions, emotions and beliefs? Have you dreamed about starting your own healing-preneur business? Then get the details here on how to marry your passion of helping others with the profit of a well run business by becoming a Certified Hypnotist:

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