Are you tired of training employees, who then leave after 3 month or less?

I’ve heard this complaint quite a bit in the last few weeks.

Entrepreneurs put tons of effort into training new employees to support their businesses. It’s never considered wasted time until it becomes a repeated cycle and your training someone new every quarter.  That time could be well spent on developing a new product or wrapping up a project early for a client.

In my experience business owners spend less time training when they have successfully documented their processes/procedures.  Documented processes should be step by step process that anyone would be able to pick up and follow, including new employees.

Having these processes documented affords business owners the following:

  1.  Less time training new hires.
  2.  Know the skillset required to fill the open position.
  3.  The ability to identify task to delegate.
  4.  Offer a consistent customer experience.

As small business owners we have many responsibilities and little time.  Managing our time efficiently is a key to our success.

Check my website for more details on creating a customized operations manual for your business.


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