Arrest Warrants against 6 Burglars Who Eat Your Branding Effectiveness

We got to catch them!

Yeah, before they hitch you; we have to stop them.

Your brand; regardless of how big and small it is; it deserves the utmost attention. Your self-created burglars are 24×7 there to eat your branding effectiveness.

This situation reminds me of the song

“And when you’re staring at the phone in your lap
and you hoping but those people never call you back.”


Thinking that I’ve gone nuts, and don’t know what I am talking about? Hold on! Before passing any judgment, you need to read this entire blog.

Everything is up to the mark (in your mind), your website is working fine, you have made a number of clients, but ah! Nobody is calling you. You keep staring at your phone, but nobody is bothering to press the digits and make a call. Why on the planet Earth this is happening to you?

Alas! You are clueless about what you have done wrong. Is the KARMA hitting you hard? Or somebody has done the magic spell?

Oh please, stop being silly! All the credit of your misery goes to the 6 burglars in town. No more tales here; let’s give them arrest warrants now.

Burglar #01: Inconsistent Branding

You hired the custom logo design company for getting a perfect logo for your business. But, you made a blunder of not being consistent with the fonts, brand colors, etc. Now, the consequences are; people fail to recognize you in the marketplace. You give them an image that you have 0% interest in your business.

The mistakes that you overlook cause you severe damage. Instead of neglecting those mistakes, concentrate on improving them. Be consistent with your fonts, corporate colors, and website. Tell them in an inaudible yet audible way that you take your business pretty seriously.

The consistency in branding aids in developing the trust and confidence. I would suggest you make brand guidelines for your business so that amateurs don’t play foolishly with the design elements and color choices. Whenever you are to make any design, send the brand guidelines to your designer so that the cord of consistency doesn’t break.

Burglar #02: You Try To Become A Hipster

Poor Mr. Hipster! Don’t establish your trendy image if you are not. Who asked you to go with the flow, and do things the way others are doing? No one!

Have some brains! If your brand looks good with the formal attire, don’t be a hipster. Maintain your brand’s aura and become timeless. There are lots of brands that stood tall against the trends and registered their names on the list of the timeless brands; mark my words, you too can be one!

Burglar #03: You Are Pretty Social And Are Seen Everywhere

Wait! It is perfect to have a good presence, but you don’t have to be everywhere. Don’t make yourself too available for all the events. If you try to show up at every other event; the chances are that people will build a mixed perception of your brand.

For instance; you own a brand of luxurious furniture, now having your presence in the fashion week will destroy your reputation. It is more like you are trying to show yourself as “Lamborghini” in the world of “Samsung.”

Burglar #04: Your WESBITE Copy Is A NIGHTMAIRE

Look there! A Grammar Nazi spotted.

I know you picked up my mistakes. Well, you are good at getting your hands on others’ mistakes. Have you ever thought of seeing the worst copy of your website? No, right? Well, we all are way too good at spotting others’ mistakes, but when it comes to us, we prefer; next door.

If your wesbite copy; oh sorry, your website copy is full of grammatical errors, people will pay definite attention to it. But that would be only for picking up your mistakes. Don’t make a fool out of yourself in front of them.

Maintain a good tone, and establish your voice. Don’t try to play the game of false claims like “We are the best” or don’t exaggerate things with the staircase of CAPITAL LETTERS, because it makes the other person feel like; you are shouting or begging for help.

The design of your website won’t do anything if the words don’t support it. Make viral content, but don’t go off the track. If you want the traffic, hotter than the pancakes then make a perfect blend of content & design.

Burglar #05: Complexity At Its Peak

You are not “Haruki Murakami” neither are you “Oscar Wilde”; please don’t try to be one. Complex information or complex design make it hefty for your users’ brain to process the information. A website full of colors looks more like a prism that disburses the white light.

Try to be straightforward with words and regarding design as well. Don’t clutter your design with too many elements; similarly, avoid using jargons as nobody has time and space to keep a pocket dictionary with them.

Be unique & simple. Come with a minimalist approach.

Burglar #06: Insincerity Is A Sin; Can’t Be Forgiven

Ever been in a toxic relationship where your ex made promises, but never fulfilled?

Remember the countless days and nights, you spent, crying in the room, all alone?

You started saying to yourself: “No promises are better than fake promises.”

Exactly! I don’t want you to make fake promises with respect to your brand. Don’t try to show what you are not. Information that misguides is always worst for your brand. No matter how amazing your design is, if the given information is incorrect, you will start losing your fan following.

If you want people to do the advocacy of your brand, then don’t exaggerate. Authenticity is the key to your customers’ heart. Show off those point for which you are 100% certain, you possess.

The Bottom Line

How was it? I know, many of you agree to me. Well, still few don’t. There is nothing in this world that can’t be tweaked. If you have done a hulk of branding mistakes, you can again bounce back after amending them.

Make an effective branding strategy this time and don’t overlook the minor things (Wink, wink! They are the MAJOR ones), I told you about.


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