Authentic Self-Promotion for Women – Part 1 (Self-confidence Strategies)

Women walk a fine line when it comes to talking up their accomplishments. It’s far too easy for us to be too modest, so no one knows how awesome we are – or too aggressive, so we get labeled the B-word (Braggart!). Research last year showed how most of the career advancement techniques we’re all taught tend to benefit men more than women – except for two! And ONE is the key – the ability to self-confidently, openly and authentically talk up your own accomplishments.

Watch this first of three part video to get a strategy you can use to learn to walk the middle, and talk with self-confidence about yourself and your accomplishments! Join us to dive deeper into this subject for our upcoming Free Webinar!

If this is a subject that makes you uncomfortable, lean into it! Research says that authentic self-promotion is the most important thing a woman can do to boost her own career! I hope you’ll consider attending our webinarto learn more! Women only!

(PS-Here is the link to the Catalyst Resarch mentioned in the video.)


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This is a wonderful (and timely) reminder of owning our accomplishments.  I can’t wait to watch the next one.

  2. Thank you! Very useful & quick tip video to start my day. Perfect for those startnig new businesses & putting themselves out there in networking groups:)

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