Authentic Self-Promotion for Women – Part 2 (Self-confidence Strategies)

When women talk about their own accomplishments, we get ahead more than when we don’t. But we don’t do it enough! Often it just doesn’t feel right to talk about ourselves so positively because we feel like it’s bragging. But there are so many ways to promote ourselves that aren’t bragging – and fill us with genuine self-confidence – including ways that actually help other people! Watch the video below to learn how you can promote yourself and help others at the same time. If this issue is something you know is holding you back in your career journey, then please consider joining us to dive deeper into this subject for our upcoming Free Webinar!

If this is a subject that makes you uncomfortable, lean into it! Research says that authentic self-promotion is the most important thing a woman can do to boost her own career! I hope you’ll consider attending our webinarto learn more! Women only!

 Watch part one of this series here.

This video series was originally published on InPower Women.


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