Authentic Self-Promotion for Women – Part 3 (Self-confidence Strategies)

Many women (and men) tend to think self-promotion has to be all about us, but it doesn’t! There are many self-promotion strategies you should pursue that don’t have to be about you at all, but about your ideas and things that will benefit the world.

Talking about your good ideas is a great way to speak with self-confidence and demonstrate to others what you’re capable of. Even more importantly it’s a key part of developing your leadership chops. Up and coming leaders stand out because their ideas are good. Establish leaders gain greater respect and scope of responsibility because they take on a thought leadership role within their organizations and industry’s. I learned this lesson both personally and professionally and I share my experience and how thought leadership can help you leapfrog ahead in the eyes of others. If this is something you’d like to learn more about, then please consider joining us to dive deeper into this subject for our upcoming Free Webinar!

There are so many ways to be authentic about self-promotion. Don’t let the stories women tell hold you back from your own, personal power and how it can help you control more of your ability to advance in your career. Research says that authentic self-promotion is the most important thing a woman can do to boost her own career! I hope you’ll consider attending our webinarto learn more! Women only!

You can also go back and watch part one and part two of this video series!


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