Avoiding a Business Disaster – What is Your Backup Plan?

photo 1-8‘Expect the best but prepare for the worst.’

Starting a business involves a fair bit of optimism and forward drive but if you fail to prepare for setbacks and failures everything fall apart. Disaster need not be a hurricane or fire, even mundane things like a fried motherboard or a pilfered laptop can result in meaningful setback if the whole contents of your business sits on one computer.

When we were first launching I had a fairly new computer implode. While I was able to run out and get a new computer and retrieve most of the data from the dead computer, the process was extremely time consuming and stressful. I knew that backing up was important, but having spent close to twenty years in an environment where an IT department full of experts were ready and more than able to rescue me I was pretty lax about actually backing up regularly. With a new computer in hand, a lesson learned and a business partner on the other side of the country, business data backups and cloud computing became a much bigger priority.

Going Beyond the Cloud for Business Data Backups

At first blush, cloud based storage seemed like the total solution but in many cases each individual that shares a folder (and the peoplephoto 2-7 that share their computers) might have the ability to delete that folder, revoke your access to it and all the contents.  Perhaps you and a subcontractor or client share a folder for a project, the job ends and several months later the subcontractor cleans up her files. Poof!  If you don’t have a backup those files might be gone. Built in redundancies in your system are just as crucial as ease of use. Backups to the cloud are great for file sharing but are even better when coupled with backups to a physical device.

You are only as good as your last backup.

A physical backup of your business data also needs to be easy. Add in multiple steps like hooking up an external hard drive each week and then being tethered to one spot for the duration can prompt you to skip your regularly scheduled backup.

Enter the WD My Cloud EX2 – The perfect fit!

  • Easy Setup
  • Wireless Backups
  • High Capacity
  • Anytime Anywhere Access
  • Additional Security via Private Cloud

Adding the WD My Cloud EX2 (about the size of a squat dictionary) to the mix filled the gaps in our mix of hard drives, cloud based folders, and the periodic backup. What I thought might take a considerable time to set up was 5 minutes at most and entailed plugging in the device to a power strip and to our wireless router and downloading some software. Suddenly, it was on our network. Backing up our business data, which is spread across an array of cloud folders took less than a minute as did reconfiguring TimeMachine to backup all the Mac’s on the network. It now runs seamlessly in the background. A quick download of the WD My Cloud Mobile App allowed me to access all the files I backed up even while I was away from my home network. For our business it filled a hole in our backup plan!

Many thanks to WD for letting us try the My Cloud EX2 and supporting this post.


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