Your After Baby Body

Love your body after pregnancy
Love your body after pregnancy

So Much Pressure To Get Your Body Back

Many women feel pressure to regain the same physique they had before pregnancy and birth. Society seems to make women feel that in order to be beautiful they must be free of stretch marks, free of any sign that they were every pregnant and at a size they were in high school. This idea seems to be perpetuated by social media, marketing companies and clothing companies. Women are nearly assaulted with products and advertisements for these product that will ‘help you get back to your body before baby’ and you need to buy this stuff. Wrong.

The fact is that you are not the same person. You are a warrior. You are a fighter. You are a mother. Your body is uniquely your own and every stretch mark and scar are yours to own with your head held high. There is absolutely no shame in having the body of a mother because you earned it and it is beautiful.


What You Can Honestly Expect

We can talk openly and honestly about what really happens to your body post pregnancy. It is time that there is some real talk instead of pressure put on you to get that body back that you honestly may never be able to get back. Why should you be made to feel bad now?

After pregnancy you can expect to possibly have some bladder leakage. This happens to a lot of women and if you are uncomfortable with it, you might speak to your doctor about it. There are surgical options to resolve the issue. You can also do Kegel exercises to tighten the muscles to help control this leakage naturally.

Some women panic because it seem like their hair is falling out after they have given birth. While there is a bit of truth in that, fear not. You are not going bald. Truth is that due to hormones during pregnancy, you actually grew a lot of new hair and had thicker hair than you did before you were pregnant. Your body is now getting rid of that extra hair.

You may seem like you are sweating a great deal in the weeks following your baby’s birth. This is also normal. The pregnant body retains a lot of water and your body needs to get rid of that now. Sweating is one of the easiest ways to achieve results.

Your breast size may decrease from what it was BEFORE you got pregnant. It depends on each woman and factors such as whether or not she smokes and if she is over weight. Your vagina may be slightly larger but typically not enough to even notice…but you may feel very gassy and even swear that it is coming from your vagina. Again, this is something that can be normal and you should give your body about 10 months to get back to normal regarding these things.

Your entire body’s shape may change and there is no way to know if that is going to happen before you decide to get pregnant. There is nothing to be ashamed of, no reason to fear these changes because being a mother is the biggest reward for your sacrifices.

Beautiful before, during and after pregnancy.
Beautiful before, during and after pregnancy.

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