What Baby Gear Do You REALLY Need?


We Were All New Parents Once


New parents typically are very studious and want to have absolutely everything that they will need. In fact, they sometimes are talked into things that really are not that necessary. Face it, manufacturer’s spend a great deal of money to convince you that you really need their products. While it is true that some of these products can be nifty, the question is ‘do you really need them?’ The answer is probably no.


The Can’t Live Withouts


Moms, when asked, have mentioned several products that they could not live without. Baby monitors for when you are out of the room and at night have proven to be very important for some parents, especially when the baby room was on a second floor. Having the monitor allows you to go on with your daily chores while baby is peacefully sleeping. A play mat with built in toys, where the baby can spend time on their belly, can occupy your little one for hours. The best part about these mats is that the baby builds muscles and coordination while their brain is being stimulated at the same time.


Other must haves include a wrap or a snuggie that allows you to carry your baby with you and still have free hands. This allows you to do the dishes, fold the laundry and even mow the grass while your little one goes along with you. This is very comforting to them because it is very similar to the way they went with you everywhere when you carried them for nine months. For dads, it is a way to bond with baby as well. Because it allows you to have free hands, this little invention can literally be a life saver!


A baby swing, with an activity bar, is a fantastic tool. This allows you to put your baby down while they are still entertained and rocked. This gadget will help rock a fussy baby to sleep, give them some toys to play with and even serve as a seat where siblings can play with them, visitors can socialize with them and you can even feed them if you so desire.


Making Your Life Easier


A Pack and Play is a must have. If you ever go visit relatives out of town, this handy gadget folds down compactly. It has its own bag with handles to carry. The size will allow your small baby to grow into a toddler and still use it. Toss in some toys and it becomes a secure play area. Add pillow and blanket and it is now a portable crib. You do not want to pass this piece of gear up.


Having a mat that rolls up for changing the baby is going to be more important to you than having an actual changing table. To be honest, most parents end up changing the baby all over the house, depending on what is going on at any given minute. This is just something that you get used to. Bottom line is that you should choose things that serve more than one purpose and will make your lives easier, not harder. No one wants to drag a hundred items with them everywhere they go.


As you can see, very versatile with many uses.
As you can see, very versatile with many uses.
The wrap can be worn in many different ways to accommodate baby size and your comfort.
The wrap can be worn in many different ways to accommodate baby size and your comfort.



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