Baby (Wearing) Daddy

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We’ve all seen those snugly-wrapped, squishy-cheeked babes tightly bound to their mamas as the mothers happily grocery shop, attend church, or push a toddler around the town square in a stroller. They both look so comfortable, and research shows baby-wearing is one of the best way to strengthen a child’s bond with it’s caregiver. So, Dad, what are you waiting for? Baby wearing is absolutely not just for moms, and may be an easy, sweet, and productive way for fathers to bond physically with their new (or older!) babies. Most baby carriers are quite adjustable and men, my husband included, find them to be surprisingly comfortable. Next time you’re out at the park or church, tuck that little darling in close to your chest and give your wife a little break. Your son or daughter will become more familiar with your scent, hear the deep resonance of your voice, and perhaps fall asleep to the sound of your strong heartbeat. Chances are good you (and your baby!) will love it. Bonus: women love a man in uniform, and a baby on your chest is a very attractive uniform indeed, if you know what I mean!


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