Baby’s Got Cake Gifts

Today I’m starting my 5 Quick Questions series. I’ll be connecting with Etsy store holders and shining a light on their stores. While designed to be fun and entertaining 5 quick questions is also a great way to gather some invaluable tips from other Etsy sellers to help improve your own store and get more traffic and more sales.

Meet Hayley from BabysGotCakeGifts . BabysGotCakeGifts stocks unique and limited run handmade clothing and accessories for babies and kids, along with some things for mums too.

1. Name your style in three words?

bright, fun and patterned

2. What’s your biggest art and craft inspiration or influence?

My biggest creative influence would have to be my Gran Mac. Every time I have gone to visit her for as long as I can remember she has always been working on her latest knitting project. She is still going strong into her 80′s and makes the most intricate patterns on all the little outfits she makes for her grand kids and now many great grand kids. My favourites for my own children were a green sleeveless jumpsuit with little tulips around the legs for my daughter and a baby blue cross over jumper for my eldest son.

3. Aside from your own store who is your favourite Etsy seller?

My favourite etsy seller (it’s really hard to choose) would have to be Maison Blanche Candles. I only say this because I covet everything I ever see from Kristy’s store and I love her product photos. Her items always look gorgeous in Treasuries.

4 . Share your funniest crafting disaster

I don’t really have a funny crafting disaster but I do have a big confession. I begged my mum for a sewing machine for my 21st birthday and she kindly obliged. It then proceeded to remain in it’s box for quite a few months until one day I decided I would give it a go. Well I was hopeless, I couldn’t figure out the thread tension and had cotton everywhere so I put it straight back in it’s box for years until I pulled it out last year and was so determined to figure it out. And now I love it so much I can’t imagine my life without it.

5. What is your number one tip for selling handmade online?

My biggest piece of advice for selling your craft/ art/talent online would be to experiment with photography until you find the right lighting and look for your products. I firmly believe that white back grounds aren’t for everyone and some times models work and sometimes they don’t. I know my photos still need work but I have finally found an aesthetic I love and It took me almost a year. if I ever move I will have to take my fence with me.

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