Back-to-School Items For Each Educational Level

The goal of any parent is to help their child have a successful school year whether the student is in kindergarten or a senior in college. Being organized and staying on top of classroom assignments and extracurricular activities is extremely important as is establishing routines and having good study habits. Here are some are some grade-level, back-to-school items your child will need to make it through another year.


Younger learners don’t only need the right amount of sleep every night to perform well in school, but also the correct amount of food at and lunch. If you are a parent of a picky eater, you can rest assured knowing your son or daughter is eating and enjoying a noontime meal. Go Green Lunch Boxes are ecofriendly, multi-compartment, and leak-proof containers allow you to create Bento-style meals. You can create fun and nutritious meals that your kids will love.


Save your child from carrying an excessively heavy book bag on their shoulder by buying a rolling backpack instead. Besides being too heavy to carry, it can also lead to back or neck problems later on in life. L.L. Bean’s Rolling Deluxe Book Pack is a great alternative because it is not only lightweight, but it has retractable and smooth wheels. It also comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Middle School

Schools work hard to integrate technology into education. Many now require middle school students to bring USB drives back and forth from home with assignments and homework on them. Using them is a simple and convenient solution to transporting data. While there are many styles available, USB Geek has many fun options that are sure to impress your child.


Make sure your middle schooler’s smartphone or tablet is loaded with some study apps such as a dictionary or thesaurus. iStudiez Pro is a smartphone app that keeps your kid on track as it organizes their schedule, tracks their GPA, and sends them push notification reminders. It is available on iTunes for $2.99.

High School

Teens are notorious for not wanting to get up for school in the morning, especially if they have to get up early to catch a bus. They can slowly ease into the day with an iHome Alarm Clock. This trendy device connects to your iPhone or iPad and switches over to streaming music once the alarm is off. It has a detachable K-CELL battery that can be used as backup power for your smartphone.


As your teen ventures into the world of independence, and at time chaos, make sure they are equipped with educational tools to help them succeed. A digital voice recorder will help them take notes and listen to lectures later when studying for a test. The Olympus LS 100 is one of the top digital recorders because it allows you to record up to eight tracks at a time and comes with up to 4GB of storage. It has a battery life of about 12 ½ hours.


College students need a good pair of sunglasses to help keep their eyes healthy while walking around campus. As parents, you can encourage your child by getting them a pair of polarized Ray-Ban sunglasses. They provide UV protection, are extremely stylish, and are quite affordable.


Finally, having a good tablet is a necessity for most college students. The Google Pixel C Tablet is versatile because it switches between being a laptop and a standalone tablet. It runs stock OS and is has received the Android 7.0 “N” update. While it isn’t cheap, it does have its benefits such as 32GB of storage and a 10-hour battery life.

These are just a few items that will help kids of all ages have a successful and fun school year.


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