Back to School Already? vs It’s time for School!


Changing Your Mindset to be School Ready

What do you and your family think of when it comes to summer? Do your minds run wild thinking about all the fun things you can do with friends and family. Are your children going to have a big sleep over, go on another vacation, or set a new world record of sleeping in the longest? The last thing on your mind is probably starting school. If you’re anything like me, summertime flies by and before you know it the first day of school is right around the corner. Will your family be ready?

The good news is there are many things you and your family can do to help ease the transition. It can be hard changing your family’s mindset from summertime fun to being prepared for school.

5 things your family can do to help your back to school mindset

1. Backup bedtimes. Many of our children get used to going to bed late and also sleeping in. Both of these need to change with school starting. Making more attainable goals can help change someone’s mindset. Everyone needs to feel some type of success to have buy in. If your children have been going to bed an hour or two later than normal, start backing up their bedtime by 15 minutes each day and waking them up 15 minutes earlier. This will help their bodies adjust and ensure they get a full night of sleep before the first day of school.

2. Continue reading, math, and writing. Encourage your child to read – alone, with you, or read to your child – each night. This typically is a requirement by most schools, so it will help children already be adjusted to doing part of their homework. Plus, reading has been proven to increase students’ vocabulary! Many parents remember to continue reading throughout summer, but forget about math and writing skills. Have your child write about his day or write letters to a family member. For math, have your child practice her math facts daily. Simple uses, like measuring recipe ingredients, figuring out how much time is left before practice or a game, or weighing produce at the grocery, are all ways you can slip in math practice during the summer. Having students do these things before school starts will help them have a ‘Gonna get it done’ mindset once school starts since they will already be used to it.

3. Help your child get organized for school. This includes getting their school supplies, picking out their first day of school outfit, etc. Make sure you let your child take part in the decision making. This will help lead your child to becoming a better decision maker and problem solver. Creating some excitement can help lead to changing a mindset from ‘Down in the dumps’ to a ‘Gonna get it done’ mindset.

4. Set up playdates and monitor their interactions. Make sure your child is taking turns and sharing. If there are any disagreements, you may have to help walk children through how to make the situation better. This will help make friendships and is an expectation in school. Try and pick some friends they will see every day in school. Once again, creating some excitement can help positively change their mindset about starting school.

5. Ask your children their thoughts about starting school. This is a good time to try and eliminate fears and ease any anxiety. Remember to have your child participate in ways to help if needed. It may even be a time to share some of their excitement towards school. Changing someone’s mindset when it comes to fears can take time. Remember, perception is reality. Even if you don’t think their fears are real, make sure you recognize them, but don’t spend too much time on them. Spend more time on positive things and ways you are going to help. Talking more positively can help change their mindset when it comes to fears and anxiety.

Doing these 5 things should help change your child’s mindset to a ‘Gonna get it done’ mindset. Creating excitement, establishing routines, and attainable goals all help when it comes to changing someone’s mindset. Feel free to check out my book on mindset titled, Mindset Matters, to further help your child’s mindset. Instead of having a “down in the dumps” mindset and being negative about starting school, your family will have a “gonna get it done” mindset and be ready to accomplish anything. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2017-2018 school year.


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