Back to School in the New Economy

dreamstimefree_84312This Labor Day weekend marks the end of the summer season and many school aged children have either returned to school the week before the holiday or the week after. With the current economic climate many families are having difficulties providing essential items for their children.

In the years past we have been bombarded with “Back to School” or “Labor Day” sales ads from big name retailer; those have been replaced by ads from Target and K-Mart. This change signifies the change in spending habits and the need to lean towards thrift instead of fashion.

Some parents have noted a change in the supply policies in some classrooms. School teachers often spend money out of pocket in order to provide supplies not provided by the school or parents for lessons. The new economy has created the need for “community supplies” and access supplies purchased by parents are placed in the “community supply” pile to give to students who are not prepared for school.

The reaction to this has been mixed; some parents have no issue providing for other students. There is a portion of the parenting population upset with this solution due to various reasons. One parent voiced their dissatisfaction due to how the supplies are collected. Many parents took the time to personalize items such as folders and notebooks, only to have the supplies with their child’s name on it taken away and given to another child without consent or notice.

The global economic crisis has hit everyone; it appears we all must give a little more even if we do not have a little more to give.

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