Back to School Tips for Grownups

Back to School Tips for Grownups

When you think about back to school, you probably think about kids going off to elementary school, high school, or maybe even college. But, there’s another group also sharpening their pencils and their minds. Grownups are heading back to school. Many adults return to college or head off to grad school after taking a bit of a break. The number going back continues to grow. In 2013, students over the age of 25 made up nearly 40 percent of those enrolled at colleges and universities. While they’re “back to school” to-do list is a bit different than that of a child, there are back to school tips that will make that transition go a lot smoother.

Back to School Tips for Grownups: Slow & Steady

back to school tips Many adults heading back to school are also juggling work and home life. Many have families they have to take care and spend time with in between getting that degree. Unlike college students who mainly focus on classes, adults need to find the right balance for all of their responsibilities. That’s why it’s important not to load up on classes. Maybe just take one or two classes if you’re heading back and dealing with a lot of other things at home.

Back to School Tips for Grownups: Have Support from Family & Friends

If you’re heading back to school with a family at home, make sure you have plenty of support. This is one of those back to school tips that may be crucial to your success. Realize that you will need people to lean on to help with the kids if you need to study for a test or work on a project. It really helps to have people around who understand what you’re doing and support you.

Back to School Tips for Grownups: Be Organized

back to school tips This may sound like one of those “duh” tips, but you would be surprised at how many people just don’t have it together. Not having a plan and being organized could lead to your downfall. Know when your assignments are due. Have a plan to get them done. Stay on top of your workload so you don’t fall behind. Sounds easy, right? When it comes to back to school tips, make sure you follow this one!

Back to School Tips for Grownups: Financial Obligations

We all know going to school isn’t cheap. Since you’re an adult, you have more financial responsibilities than your average college student. Make sure you can afford the education. Don’t get in over your head. While many people take out loans, be sure you’ll be able to pay them when they are due. Also, read the fine print. A lot of people don’t. This is what can get them in trouble.

Back to School Tips for Grownups: Be Ready to Make Sacrifices

Heading back to school as an adult will mean making sacrifices. These sacrifices may include missing a soccer game or two. You also may not be able to be at the bus stop every day. Realizing this ahead of time will save everyone a lot of grief. If you’re okay with all of this, then go ahead and sign up. If not, then maybe it’s not the right time to go back to school. You can follow all of the back to school tips out there. In the end, you need to come up with a plan that works best for you and your family. Once you do this, you’ll be well on your way to the head of the class.


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