Back to Work: Getting Your Résumé Ready

Getting back to work after some time away from the workforce to take care of the kids or just refocus can be intimidating and overwhelming. When applying for a job your résumé is usually the first impression a potential employer gets of you. That’s why making it stand out is crucial if you want to get hired.

Back to Work: Résumé Do’s

 Just because you’ve been home for “x” amount of years doesn’t mean you don’t have skills that would get an employer’s attention. Do you balance the family budget? Do you manage multiple schedules? These are vital skills if you’re looking to get back to work. Be sure to list them.

back to work Also if you’ve volunteered or managed groups as part of the PTA or another organization, list them on your résumé.

You may also want to use a “combo” résumé which starts with a career summary. This will let employers know right away what makes you qualified for the job. From that point you can list your workforce experience in chronological order. This way a future employer can see what you can do instead of first focusing on your time away which is more apparent in a chronological résumé.

Back to Work: Résumé Don’ts

 When getting back to work after staying home to raise children, avoid using titles like “domestic goddess” and “household CEO”. Although they may sound legit to you, many employers find them to be a turn off, not to mention silly.

back to work This is not to say that you can’t talk about your at-home experience. Just don’t give it a cutesy-poo name. It’s okay to be up-front about what you’ve been doing when you haven’t been “working”. Employers respect honesty. Just be sure to bring up relevant skills along the way. Showcase what you do have to offer, not what you don’t.

With that said, don’t leave out dates when heading back to work. Employers can always do their homework and figure out where you’ve worked and when.

Also, don’t list hobbies unless you’ve accomplished something extraordinary or unless it relates to the job you’re applying for. Don’t waste time (and space) on this stuff. Again, highlight your strengths.

Getting back into the workforce after some time off doesn’t have to be stressful. Just remember your best selling points. You are the best person to sell yourself to an employer!      


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