Balancing Work and Family Life: 11 Great Tips From Susan McGalla

The Trials and Tribulations of Busy Working Mothers

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Balancing work and home is never easy for anyone in this world. If you have a busy and hectic career like I do, the pressures can often seem endless. Establishing a good work-life balance, however, can be immensely rewarding and fulfilling. It’s worth it at the end of a long and taxing week. If you’re a loving mother who has a chaotic lifestyle, you may sometimes feel like you simply have too much on your plate. Things may sometimes feel like too much for you. Things don’t have to feel that way, however. If you’re determined, you can become the coveted mother who can “do it all.” You just have to have ample focus.

1. Make Downtime a Priority

Make downtime a scheduling priority every week. Plan fun and relaxing activities with your family members and closest friends. Do what you can to unwind and restore yourself. If you don’t relax, you won’t be able to properly conquer any home or workplace challenges that may be coming your way.

2. Say Goodbye to Draining Activities

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. If you’re involved in an activity that’s pointless and that accomplishes nothing other than draining you, say goodbye to it immediately. If you’re tired of having to entertain a nosy neighbor any time you walk past him or her, free yourself. Politely tell the neighbor that you’re busy and have no time to chat.

3. Seek Occasional Serenity and Tranquility

Downtime is undoubtedly important. The same thing goes for quiet time. Mothers who have hectic lives should emphasize the importance of a little exclusive “me” time. Try to do anything you can to pamper yourself on a routine basis. Perhaps come home from work a little earlier once a week or so. Enjoy a hot and soothing bath fifteen minutes before going to bed. Enjoy a nice extended nap on the weekend before you resume your typical activities. A little alone time can be a lifesaver for busy mamas.

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4. Prioritize Physical Activity

Physical activity can be great for mothers who have jam-packed schedules. Busy lives can feel overwhelming. Workout sessions, however, can make people feel increased control. They can boost mental clarity. They can rejuvenate people. They can often even be quite peaceful. If you want to reap the benefits of better focus and glowing health, you should sign up for a membership at a gym near you. You can also go for regular runs or jogs at a neighborhood park.

5. Review All Your Little Tasks

Tasks can eat up significant amounts of time. If you’re in charge of errands that waste precious real estate in your brain, ask yourself if you can get others to take them over for you. You may be able to purchase your groceries on the Internet for home delivery service. You may be able to purchase stamps on the Internet as well. This can save you from time-consuming trips to the local post office.

6. Abandon Ideas of Perfectionism

No one on earth is perfect. Everyone has flaws. If you admit this to yourself, you’ll be able to let go of a major burden. This simple realization could change your life permanently.

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7. Temporarily Forsake Technology

Technology can make people feel a bit crazy these days. It can make people feel like they’re never away from work and responsibilities. If you want to resist the temptation to overwork, turn all of your mobile devices off on a regular basis. Ignore your computer. Ignore everything and just revel your time away from the pressures of technology.

8. Meditate Regularly

Exercise can be a great solution for busy moms who need to balance work and home. Meditation is yet another. If you find a few spare minutes in your schedule, perform a few deep breathing exercises. You can meditate alone in your room for five minutes before going to bed, too.

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9. Assess Your Lifestyle

Simplify your lifestyle in any way possible. Assess your day-to-day existence. Ask yourself honestly what you could do to simplify and streamline things. Then go do it!

10. Forget Guilt

Working moms often carry around a lot of guilt. They feel guilty because they believe that they’re not spending enough quality time with their children. If you have this kind of guilt, forget it. It’s not getting you anywhere. Instead concentrate on being the best mom for your children possible. That’s a much more positive approach.

11. Steer Clear of Chaotic Mornings

Chaotic and busy mornings can get days off to bad starts. If you want your mornings to be as calm and pleasant as possible, try to take care of basic tasks at night. These tasks can include lunch preparation, clothes selection and others. Tranquil mornings can be everything for busy working mothers.

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About the author:

Susan McGalla is a corporate retail expert. She started out working at American Eagle Outfitters. For 15 Years Ms. McGalla held various management positions within the company. Eventually she rose to the position of Chief Merchandising Officer. But that was only a brief stepping stone to her becoming President of the entire company.

Currently she is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth at The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC, launching their first e-commerce fashion site and helping to bring SuperBowl 2023 to Pittsburgh.


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