Before I had children, I felt relatively intelligent. I always did well in school and went on to a 4.0 in college. All the basic school subjects and a touch of French led me through life well enough. It seemed like I was on an upturn for all sorts of knowledge building life experiences with some decent brain power. Then I got ‘pregnancy brain’ followed by ‘new mommy brain’ and saw the start of a long and somewhat demoralizing waning of my intelligence that directly related to the multitude of demands and concerns associated with having small children. Nevertheless, once the girls were old enough to go to elementary school, I remained optimistic that my former abilities as a student would hold up to the rigors of elementary education as I knew it; that I would be instrumental in their school years as the basis of their learning experiences as they progressed through the grades toward higher education. Here’s where the curve ball came into the equation: Common Core. Sure, I have heard the phrase floating around for years, but never really bothered to delve into defining and understanding Common Core.

For the sake of my girls and myself, it truly has become imperative to fully grasp the concepts of Common Core. Although sources throwing around the phrase “common core” is abundant, it is really tough to know which sites are credible and offer the facts I need. Then I came across which is the best starting point to supporting your child’s education. Firstly, it explains that the Common Core State Standards are a set of clear and consistent learning goals in mathematics and English language arts, developed by teachers administrators and other education experts to set students up for success and reassure parents that their child is on track. was developed to be a source for parents just like me to get answers to my questions about the standards, the test, and tools to help students develop their skills in both math and English. It helps me as a parent see the role of Common Core as an assessment tool for our children. At, parents can delve deeper into the testing and what they mean for your child and her future. It explains why these standards were adopted and importantly who developed them.

Be A Learning Hero’s site is straightforward and easy to navigate, making me feel confident that I have a foundation for helping my girls succeed using the common core standards. also lets you contact them with both questions and your own insight about the standards. The site is a great resource for me as a parent, but also for students even offering homework help through instructional videos. It makes the whole process seem less like a curve-ball and more like a logical step. As they say, knowledge is power. Check it out!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Be a Learning Hero. The opinions and text are all mine.


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